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The second occurrence involves (a classic visage) a ghost. I was browsing at a bookstore in the town of New Hope Pa.  Searching for haunted house stories. Must have been 1980. I was searching for a particular volume, scanning the shelves. As I turned down another aisle, a man caught my attention. When I glanced his way what I saw wasn’t a sharp image. Blinked my eyes and he cleared up a bit. He wore the uniform of a British Soldier, circa late 1700’s. His hair appeared reddish in color, his eyes dark, hidden in shadows that obscured his features. As I stepped in his direction, noticed a musket on his shoulder.

Just stood rigid for a spell, trying to decide on a course of action. Thoughts whirling in my brain, but no conclusive strategy emerged. I started to speak, ask a question. As I fumbled to grasp the significance he disappeared. Not all at once, like poof. But as a gradual departure of lines and angles, until all that remained was an after image of his outline, followed by a jolt of vertigo.

When I felt able, sprinted to the end of the aisle where I last saw this memorable outline. Not a remnant of the visage remained. With grim determination I approached the counter at the front of the eclectic book shop. A middle aged women of comely stock welcomed my question to show knowledge and follow protocol.

“The actor I just saw come around the corner.” I informed the capable employee. “Where’d he go?” She gave me a bewildered cautious look; that changed to macabre merriment.

“Oh, you’ve met Red Jack, was he standing in full gear over here?” She pointed to the top of the row I’d just vacated. “Funny only some of you catch sight of the scoundrel. He bothers the hell out of the staff.”

“What? Who is he?” I managed to ask, already knowing for sure what he wasn’t. Alive.

“We call him old Red Coat Jack, although he still looks rather young, don’t you think? A remnant of this area if you will.” She clarified with a quick smile. Not a happy fella. Is that your impression?”

“Well, I didn’t really get a good look. But yes, he wasn’t smiling if I recall.” The woman behind the counter nodded her head in the affirmative. A scrap of concern crossed her face. Don’t let it ruin your day. Think of yourself as the lucky one, she sang out, hands on well curved hips. This should make your day!

While I considered that. A voice from behind me asked the eternal question.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Huh,” was my eloquent response.

“Thought I saw someone I knew, must have been mistaken”



31 2016 May

SuperNatural Worlds


There are layers of reality heaped upon each other. They intermingle affecting our plane of existence in both subtle and major ways. These are facts that were known, recorded as myths since we first walked the planet. As sentient beings we are all aware of the gaps between what is visible, what is heard and what our senses detect in the material realm. From these occurrences haunted house stories emerge.
Basic questions arise concerning our perception of reality.
There are many on the Earth Plane who behave as if they are certain about basic processes that go on around them. They act as if their belief will assure a logical outcome.
But, deep down we realize that we do not have the slightest inkling of what is truly happening with our planet, our lives let alone the vast universe. We think by reading a wide range of periodicals, watching you-tube videos and select news broadcasts or reciting passages from the bible, Koran or Pali Canon, we gain infinite wisdom.
Now let’s discuss the other side of this eternal debate. (The Supernatural World) All of the possibilities, probabilities and alternate trains of thought, explored by those reaching for answers, just beyond their grasp. As beings of cosmic energy we must decide our fate by steering our consciousness off the narrow pathway of conformity. Spiritualists negotiate hidden currents of communication, by maneuvering through a maze of symbols and abstract languages.
Paranormal Energy resides outside of every day parameters. Mind control, Second site, hypnotic suggestions, span two worlds of experience. They form a bridge between what is expected and what is dreamt
Now, we have devices you can acquire by simply clicking your trusty mouse and these dependable meters will appear in your mailbox. So now you and yours have access to tools once regarded in the realm of speculative fiction.
This is my first blog to introduce a place for one stop shopping in all things paranormal-supernatural and of keen interest to those of us who relish the hidden realms of existence. GS

31 2016 May

The Paranormal

We are handicapped some more than others. Skipping through our daily dramas as if we have a clue. This system ebbs and flows in a dance we call life. Dance of the cosmos. Every component is shifting… becoming. There is a hidden state of being we cannot comprehend because of our purposeful ignorance.
Okay, let’s get to it! Are there realms of space and time, we as sentient beings cannot access? Is there another layer of reality, we as a general species cannot detect? Or is the Earth plane, the material world, the only reality there is?
Why can some people see, hear or receive flashes from another plane of existence?

Huge topic- Let’s break it down
Many aspects of this subject is related to the big (‘D’) DEATH. Ghosts, Zombies, Ghouls, Satan, Gods, Vampires, and Werewolves all revolve around the same plight everything that exists, for mere moments or for years will perish. Sorry, it doesn’t give you a feeling of conceit. Those are the rules. The only rules that apply to all living things.
Other forms of Paranormal Occurrences deal within the mind and various belief mechanisms. Clairvoyance, Alchemy, Exorcism, Astral Projections, Religion, (in some forms) Meditation, Telepathy, UFO Investigations. Lost Continent Of Atlantis and many aspects of our own worlds’ pre-civilization myths intrigue me. Will include Poltergeists in this category, because I believe these entities require life energy to exist as a static form in this realm.
Okay, I’ll start with ghosts, poltergeists and haunting. Number one, I believe they exist. Maybe not entirely in this realm, but I have seen and heard them personally on the Earth Plane.
I can give three examples from my personal experience. The first is of the poltergeist type occurrences. This was sometime in the spring of 1978. I worked at the original location of For Eyes Optical. This was an eyeglass company started by two hippie brothers. It featured a picture of Jehovah handing a pair of eyeglasses down to Adam and a tubular radio, tuned only to WMMR. We were located in Center City Philadelphia.
We were open until 9PM on Wednesdays. Now this store encompassed the first floor of a three story Brownstone, probably built soon after the civil war. An old building.
I handled the tints and cases for the whole company which at that time boasted eight locations. On Wednesdays I busied myself in the two back rooms, tinting lenses, stamping boxes and arranging them in piles.
These disturbances happened on many occasions, but I remember the night time episodes; somehow more clearly than the rest. This is the funny part. You see. I worked with another optician at this location. We’ll call him Rick F. in lieu of any legal calisthenics. This guy was rotund and thought himself fearless. He always carried a side arm-pistol. Not sure of the exact caliber, but it was a big gun. Reminded me of a cannon. Anyways.
When customers were around Rick would stay up front where we displayed frames took measurements, wrote orders. When no customers were present, he sat at a desk wedged at the archway between the display room and the back areas.
As the sun went down the spirits would awake. At first you were not sure if you were hearing the normal sounds of a bustling city outside or the ruminations of an elderly structure.
A slight rustle of paper or cardboard. Just for a second, then silence. After a moment another sound. This time a longer period of ..sliding or light footsteps, caught our attention. Then after another agonizing moment. A crash, a distinct noise. A box falling.
Rick would arise like an over-sized Ninja and spin around so he faced the unspecified danger. He looked as if he would charge into the back. He really did for a couple seconds, then he rocked on his heels as if building up momentum, yet never moved from his original position, beside his desk. His lame mustache bristled in contemplation at these times. I could almost hear a subtle hum from his face.
If I failed to do anything, Rick would shout out insults to whomever or whatever had disturbed his tranquility, all the while waving his Luger toward the rear.
I, on the other hand, for whatever reason was not the least scared to be back there. I heard stuff lots of times. I was in the back working at least ten fifteen hours a week. Stamping boxes of cases and stacking them to be shipped when the UPS driver arrived.
Sometimes I actually saw the boxes moving at the top of a stack or on the floor. The boxes spun, they hopped. A few times I believe they levitated briefly. I am sure.

29 2016 May

There’s Paranormal Information in Reputable Books

7 paranormal information 5-13While I’ve always found unexplainable things interesting, I never delved into the supernatural in the past. Paranormal things just seemed a little out of reach to me. It was just so hard to believe. But once I started borrowing some books from a friend of mine, I truly opened up my eyes and mind. Even books by National Geographic have valuable information on paranormal phenomena and where it is in the world.

The thing is, I’ve always considered myself a realist. I have a hard time believing things that I can’t see for myself. So when I found out that there was so much paranormal information out there in reputable books, I was awestruck. There was finally proof that I could believe in the paranormal and the supernatural, no matter how fantastical it sounded. These books made up a huge wealth of knowledge that I just could not refute.

So now, I really love reading up on paranormal information whenever I can. There are books being published every year, and I hope to read all of them if I get the chance. Finding out about witches, demons, aliens, vampires, and more in the world I live in is just so enticing.

26 2016 May

Find the Right Paranormal Research Equipment

6 paranormal research equipment 5-13Finding about the unknown takes a lot more than just theorizing. You need the right equipment to find what most people can’t seem to see. Because while it would be nice to be able to see everything with the naked eye, it just simply isn’t possible. Luckily, though, there is equipment that can help detect the paranormal.

There’s lots of equipment though, so figuring out which to try can be a little daunting. When looking around for paranormal research equipment, I highly recommend the vibration detection device. It’s basically a ghost hunting detection alarm that helps find spirits. I’ve actually come into contact with ghosts this way, and it in conjunction with other equipment can really help out a paranormal investigation. It has a range of up to 100 feet, and it can be armed and disarmed with ease. It’s one of my favorite devices for finding the paranormal.

In the end, I’m really glad there’s a lot of equipment out there to aid paranormal enthusiasts in their searches. The truth really is out there, and I’m excited to go and find it for myself. Being a paranormal researcher on the side has granted me a lot of indescribable experiences I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

23 2016 May

I’ll Get My Hands on a UFO Case Book

5 ufo case book 5-13Although I’ve heard about UFOs in the past, I’ve never been lucky enough to see a close encounter for myself. But while it sounds exciting to be close to something you know nothing about, it also sounds kind of dangerous. I think I’m the kind of person that would rather read about them in books and articles people have written. That way, I can witness UFOs through other people’s eyes.

In particular, I think reading a UFO case book would get me a lot of information, fast. While I’m sure the government is hiding a lot from us, I’d like to get my hands on what I can find out for myself. Casebooks often have information from CIA case files and more. That’s why case books are great. They have documented facts gathered over the years about a specific subject. And to me, the facts are all that matter.

The thing is, I do believe there is life out there. And I’m certain we’ve been visited numerous times by creatures we hardly know anything about. That’s why I always want to learn more. Because if they ever do visit my hometown, I want to be prepared for it. I want to know about what’s out there.

20 2016 May

My Ghost Detector Found Spirits in a Haunted Hotel

4 ghost detector 5-13I’ve always been interested in haunted places. I like exploring old graveyards and supposedly haunted buildings for fun. But one thing I’ve never done is try to get in contact with a spirit. I’ve never tried to actually find ghosts. So I decided to pick up a little device that allows me to basically find ghosts. It has a dial and everything.

So the other day, I heard a story about a haunted hotel around three hours away. So of course I made a day out of it and drove down to check it out. As a prepared person, I came equipped with my handy ghost detector. And when I entered the building, my detector suddenly started going off. It had stayed quiet until I stepped inside of the building!

Convinced, I walked around the hotel with the device in my hand. It wavered in places, but I could definitely tell there were spirits all around me. I felt cold, and had a weird feeling. In the end, I wrote all about it on my blog. It’s something that I’ll never forget, and I hope people will tell their friends about my experience. My ghost detector really works, and I highly recommend it.

18 2016 May

Scope out Some Spirits with a Ghost Finder

3 ghost 5-13Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to see ghosts. I actually saw one when I was young, and I’ll never forget it. I know that ghosts are real, and I want to see one again. It really resonated with me at the time, and I’m not sure if it was a ghost I knew. But nonetheless, I think getting something that can help me find ghosts sounds like a good idea.

I know there are lots of devices out there that help detect ghosts. But I went with a reliable ghost finder that I heard one of my friends had used in the past. They said it had worked before, and that it was a really unique experience. Well, I want to see ghosts again and try to communicate with them. So I know that getting a ghost finder is a logical first step.

Now that I have more confidence, I think I’ll try using a ghost finder this weekend to see if I can finally scope out some spirits. Maybe I’ll even ask if they know about the ghost that visited me when I was young. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot. I can’t wait to try out a ghost finder. I’m confident that it’ll work.

15 2016 May

Learn About Random Haunted House Facts From Documented Paranormal Hotspots

2 haunted house facts 5-13You hear about haunted houses all the time (especially around Halloween), but a lot of people don’t really know about specific facts about them. They may have an idea of what a haunted house looks like, but that’s usually just a stereotyped picture. The truth is, haunted places come in all shapes and sizes. And the truths about them aren’t always as well-known as they should be.

So if you want to learn the hard facts about haunted houses, I recommend reading a book with documented evidence. You’ll learn lots of random haunted house facts just by flipping through the pages. Instead of assuming things, books like America’s Most Haunted document paranormal hotspots that have had reported sightings of supernatural creatures. It’s a great way to get more familiar with haunted places in general.

In the end, it’s best to get all the nitty gritty details on a topic rather than just assuming things. Not every haunted house has a creaky long set of stairs, for example. And not every haunted place is a house. Reading informative books that have random haunted house facts in them is a good plan. You’ll fill your mind with knowledge and not just hearsay.

13 2016 May

Hand Me a Supernatural Beings Book to Read

1 a shade of vampire 5-13There’s nothing wrong with being interested in the supernatural. I find supernatural things to be way more interesting than average day stuff. I really like supernatural beings in general, and I wish I had more people I could talk to about them. I tend to learn more about them through books I read. Recently, I’ve been really interested in vampires, so I’ve bene reading lots of books that have them in it.

I think out of all the books I’ve read, though, I prefer the A Shade of Vampire series. They get good reviews, and they deserve the fame. I just read A World of New, which is their newest volume from about a month ago. It’s volume 26, and it really continues the series fantastically. There was a big turning point in volume 25, so I was really excited to read this one.

But basically, if there’s a supernatural beings book that I haven’t read, I get the urge to read it. Whether they’re case studies or fiction stories, I love them all. I love reading about supernatural beings, and I hope to see one for myself someday. But until then, I’ll continue to have my nose happily stuck in a book.