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I Balance My Chakras with a Chakra Necklace

2 chakraI always am interested in learning about the more spiritual side of things in the world. I’ve trying meditating a bit more, and I’ve been learning about chakras. I even got a necklace that helps me keep the chakras in my body well balanced. It has semi-precious stones that each relate to certain chakras. They’re arranged in a really beautiful way, and definitely help lift my spirits.

The thing is, when chakras aren’t in balance, it can really affect you. You could be overcome by negative thoughts and feelings, or may feel like something is just out of place. Chakra imbalances can also reflect in physical ways, such as having a sore throat, headaches, or digestion problems. The list goes on, so I think it’s well worth it to try and balance your chakras. My chakra necklace really aids in that for me.

So whenever I get ready to go out, I always make sure to wear my chakra necklace. Even when I’m around the house, I still wear my chakra necklace often. I think it just really helps me a lot. Not to mention, it’s very fashionable and nice. I like the colors of the semi-precious stones, and how they’re arranged.

23 2016 Jun

Paranormal Consumables

We find ourselves attached to material possessions. Our homes, cars, eye glasses and jewelry become extensions of our bodies. They help define who we are. How we view ourselves. Yet, neither money or taste can satisfy the true seeker. People go to great lengths in their pursuits of meaningful possessions. Sometimes finding these trophies allude us.
I’ve observed on the course of my travels the importance placed on these material icons. A well made luxury sedan or powerful new Maserati. Quickens the heart-beat, inspires the imagination. A life-like home entertainment system, dilates the pupils along with a sharp intake of breath. These are popular stimulants to celebrate success. Mansions, helicopters even islands can be purchased to immortalize a person or movement. Money buys a ton of lasting security against hunger. But, money cannot grant the subscriber sanctions from spiritual degradation. It does not assure favor when dealing with the fates of this realm.
A fair number of folks find solace in possessing symbolic trinkets; worn around the neck, wrist or ankle. Of course with today’s trends, these adornments may be displayed on the body surface just about anywhere. So these charms radiate invisible waves of kinetic energy.
From a Celtic Cross, the fabled Pentagram right back to The Seal of Solomon. Those who practice Kabbalah fundamentals wear a Chakra Necklace. Men and women attained their dreams and found comfort in these talismans.

15 2016 Jun

I’ll Keep an Open Mind, Because Paranormal Evidence Is Likely Out There

1 paranormalI like keeping an open mind whenever possible. That means I never discount anything until proven it should be discounted. So when it comes to supernatural things and the paranormal, I haven’t seen anything to go against it all existing. That means the possibility is still out there. Just because I haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Honestly, I think it would be awesome if I could find some paranormal evidence that proves that supernatural beings exist. I’m always on the lookout for unsuspecting occurrences that just seem out of place. I like doing my own investigating every once in a while, because I find it to be fun. And if I manage to find something that can prove to me that the paranormal is very real, it’s even better.

In the end, I think I’ll still continue to believe. I really want to think that there is something out there that we have only scratched the surface of. Finding paranormal evidence can be tricky, but I think it still exists. I want to believe, and I’ll continue to keep an open mind until I’m proven otherwise. And to be honest, I hope that never happens. I want to find valid paranormal evidence.

8 2016 Jun



Times have certainly changed both the supernatural and paranormal modes of investigation. Technology drives the emerging field of ghost detector and the scientific approach to calibrating paranormal activities. Popular Reality Shows on a myriad of cable channels fuel the layman’s curiosity for uncovering a wide range of supernatural phenomena. These forays into the vast unknown corridors beyond death stokes our darker nature.

Crews of hardy men and women explore the rooms, hallways and of course attics of haunted domiciles. They wander through institutions of learning and insanity. Searching for treasures in the forms of electronic pulses, temperature variances and infrared images. Incredible audio utterances, raise goosebumps along the forearms  and necks of  hardcore investigators. Yes, paranormal daredevils feel uneasy when faced with words originating from unseen sources. The content is discernible, communication has taken place. Their appearance mirrors the human form. Yet eerie voices mixed with groans weakens the knees.

Today, avid fans of the occult assemble to pursue spirits and demons. Just like they have for many generations. Only now, they’re armed with paranormal evidence  that substantiates their theories. Meters, specialty cameras and a wide assortment of instruments now, can measure activities our five senses cannot. These consumables are available at supernaturalworlds.com for your delight. Or regret, depending on what you find.

I have assembled only top-notch products


6 2016 Jun


When I was ten years old in 1967, still remember the sheer enjoyment, sense of wonder attained by reading the latest Gospel about UFO’s. The Blue Book Project, A Case For UFO’s, new publications surfacing monthly. At the time I read Von Daniken’s accounts of pre-civilization alien agendas.

A race, advanced beyond our comprehension. Their customs and technology totally, what’s the word… alien. Beaming an impression that they are not of composition or mentally structured to empathize with our plight. The expansive landing zones, etched into the countryside of various locales. Discernible only when viewed from the air. Cool. Served to peak my imagination.

It seemed like every week there were sightings. Pictures of what appeared to be metallic disks, spinning out of the sky. Over our nation’s capital; hovering above nuclear facilities. Not just here, but around the world. Thousands of witnesses, law enforcers, judges, lawyers, politicians, astronauts, pilots … Many came forward, this is in the sixties, testified to hearing and seeing saucer shaped craft, featuring blinking lights that rotated as the craft whooshed across the landscapes. A wellspring of new ufo evidence!

While I pondered these alien civilizations, hippies practiced free love and drug use – summer of love and all that…

I grew fascinated by the moon and our neighboring planets, distant stars, massive galaxies. Anything hanging in the dome of the night time sky.

Did I believe there were aliens invading the planet Earth? You bet I did. If I could speak to you from those days, my exuberance relating to conspiracy theories would guarantee you gave these theories second thought.

My reading list included Heinlein, Asminov, Vonnegut, Clark. I was totally convinced we were in the midst of beings with higher intellect, beings that traveled faster than light, in flying saucers.

I believed the governments of the world hid pertinent facts from the public. My curiosity led me to join UFO clubs. Purchase telescopes and read every book I could find on the subject. Drove librarians crazy. I kept asking for the ufo case book . This pursuit, opened the door to writing Scfi.

This Is First In A Series Of Three




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The last episode I’ve had with the spirit world, happened in late 81 early 82. This was in a first floor apartment on Pine Street in Center City Philadelphia, a couple blocks from where the first incident happened. This episode might be just another one of those haunted house stories.

However, this entity did not impress me as a fun loving or a placid image, as did the first two incidents. No. This tiny bundle of existence swirled with evil intentions. This miniature representation of the soiled void, spawned twisted thoughts of hatred in its wake. It occupied a dark corner at the top of a short flight of steps which led to a kitchen over-looking our living room.

I am still not clear on what this entity’s problem is or was, but I can assure you it was as real as the tires on your car, as nasty as a hive of angry Wasps and as lethal as the desert sun.

While I sat watching the bounce of flames from our fireplace or focused on the TV situated under the kitchen railing. A burn would form at the edge of my vision. A leathery pull. My hair stiffened, goose bumps rolled across my neck. I could almost make out a form…mostly a head. One half closed hollow orb a misshapen eye, somewhat swollen…the other… what could I say to… it protruded at a rough angle sometimes seemed to be at different positions at the same time. Bigger than it’s crippled partner. I know…unlikely, would be a kindness. But there you go.

My wife at the time scoffed at the notion of an uninvited guest dwelling at the top of a short flight of steps. Yet whenever she climbed those stairs I noticed a pronounced lean away from that corner. Also our two kittens, Thomasina and Cassidy kept clear of that tiny space. I’ve witnessed mid-air adjustments to avoid landing in that quadrant. When they couldn’t avoid landing in that area a piercing yowl escaped their tiny mouths, as if they collided with a shard of glass. Using the ghost meter pro at that place would have reaped a tidy harvest of the undead.

I still remain puzzled and ill at ease discussing what I consider a small but potent demon that inhabited my domain those years ago. It seems there are a myriad of supernatural occurrences happening at various destinations daily. On this site I hope to highlight the literature and detection equipment available to those brave souls who seek the truth.

1 2016 Jun

Real Paranormal Proof Exists

8 UFO proof 5-13There are lots of people that don’t believe in the paranormal. They just assume that every photo is altered in Photoshop, and every story is a lie. But in all honesty, there are so many books out there that document real life events and what people have seen. With so many countless books and tales told from people that witnessed the paranormal firsthand, there’s no reason for that many people to be all telling fibs. It’s just not possible, because they’re spreading truths.

For example, I read a book about UFOs. It has people in it that talk about what their experiences entail in regards to UFOs. There is even paranormal proof that UFOs exist, and the book explains that even the most supernatural of mysteries can be solved through unbiased scientific investigation. It’s a very logical book that every person should read, whether you believe in UFOs or not. And if you don’t believe, it may even change your mind.

I don’t like that people are so ready to disregard supernatural occurrences. There’s paranormal proof out there through the form of documented information and facts. People just need to give it all a chance. Sometimes, people just need to look, there’s truth in these books.