26 2016 Jul

From Here To There

Let’s face it. Serious space exploration cannot be accomplished using rocket fuel. Too much mass is wasted carrying the liquid and stages. With the advent of the Space station, we don’t need the fuel to escape Earth’s gravity. Yes we’re perfecting what was once the stuff of science fiction. So now, our problem is what to use for thrust? To travel at galactic velocities requires a breakthrough in technology.
Another benefit of building space stations, derives from many nations on this blue planet will be forced to cooperate to achieve a unified goal. If we plan to explore outside our solar system we must work together. Do not make light of nations working as one to advance into space and moving forward on Earth.
I will examine ongoing theories concerning relativity. Our man with a plan Einstein really shook up beliefs about our evasive universe. His theories are both well respected and challenged by the scientific community. Which side are you on? Can we travel faster than light? Or, is that the barrier we must work around?
Which takes us back to the theories of how to circumvent the problem of deep space travel. Let’s start with. Solar Sails.
Imagine a huge yet thin net strung on the rear of a starship. The radiation from our star or many other stars would propel a craft out of our or other solar systems. The screen acts like a mirror, photons reflect off the surface. However, a fair percentage of light is transferred into momentum by exerting a small but constant pressure on the sail. This form of propulsion will add to the acceleration of the vehicle as the journey continues velocity increases to near light speed.
An electronic sail gets its thrust by using the solar wind’s ions to propel the craft. This is accomplished by deploying up to a hundred wires with a positive charge to complete a circuit using an electron gun mounted on the craft. The drawback in utilizing solar winds for thrust occurs once you enter a magnetosphere.
A Magnetic Sail uses the same particles of light as an Electric Sail. The difference is by conducting a charge or loop into a length of wire perpendicular to the solar wind produces a magnetic field which allows tensor resistance against the particles of a ship. Using this method would gain thrust at right angles to a star. This theory also allows for the sling-shot scenario where a star or planet provides both acceleration and deceleration by implementing the magnetic field of the star or planet.
To be continued

26 2016 Jul

Finding Ghosts with My Ghost Meter Pro

2 ghost meter proGoing ghost hunting on the weekends with friends is always a fun activity. We do the things people in the shows on TV do. We like to explore places that are potentially or rumored to be haunted, and we make sure to always bring our ghost detection equipment with us. In particular, I really like the model I always bring along with me.

The one I bring along is the Ghost Meter Pro, and I’ve found it works more accurately than the regular one. When I use it to detect ghosts, it always seems to work. It picks up on supernatural things in the area, even if they’re somewhat far away. So whenever I notice anything out of the ordinary, I use my Ghost Meter Pro to see if I can find what’s causing things.

All in all, we really make a big thing out of it. We’ve gotten a lot of pictures and video footage from our treks, and we’ve detected a lot of ghosts with our little gizmos. But I’m proud to say I’ve found the most ghosts. My Ghost Meter Pro really does work, and I’m glad I can get in contact with the supernatural this way.

25 2016 Jul

Michalak Incident Part Two

Overjoyed at the prospect of communication he shouted out greetings in English. Receiving no response, in that language he proceeded to shout phrases of welcome he knew in French, Russian and German.
Confused by the silence, Steven ventured closer to the object. He wanted to look inside. His eyes stung from the purple light. Standing there the color tightened his chest his ears hurt from an intense ringing. Even so, his curiosity drove him to peer into the strange craft.
A series of beams and flashing lights crisscrossed a slanted corridor leading further into the craft. He reported hearing a faint hum, as two panels rose and another panel closed the aperture. This was the first sign of moving parts Michalak observed.
He felt compelled to touch the surface, be in contact with the outer wall. When his gloved hand rested on the silver disk for a couple seconds the blistering heat melted the glove and his hand. Instinctively he took a step back as he felt the pain from his seared hand.
The craft now appeared to be an opaque mirror, reflecting the trees and rocks surrounding it. Suddenly the saucer tilted to the left and he felt intense heat expelled through a vent. It singed his chest, set his shirt and undershirt ablaze. He tore these off and through them to the ground.
When he glanced up in pain the craft swiftly shot upward colors rotating around the exterior, until it vanished into a clear blue sky. Before leaving the Falcon Lake
Michalak gathered rocks and tree branches to mark the spot where the craft landed. Steven experienced severe stomach cramps and vomited repeatedly on his trek back to the motel. Once home his son took him to Misericord hospital for multiple burns. He exhibited a severe headache, second degree burns of his chest and abdomen, loss of appetite and fatigue.
Steven never prospered by his story. Many sources ridiculed his claims. He never recovered the costs for extensive tests and treatments due to his encounter. He even lost money on a pamphlet he wrote to try and tell his story in his own words. We are left to decide if his words are to be believed.

20 2016 Jul

Michalak Incident

On May 20, 1967 a Winnipeg, Canada resident named Steven Michalak arrived at Falcon Lake. He planned to prospect for precious minerals. Steven prided himself as an Amateur Geologist. He traveled some eighty miles to explore a promising location.
Setting out from his home the day before he spent the night in a motel, to ensure an early start to his destination. By nine AM he located a promising area readied his tools and started digging in a quartz vein in the hopes of striking a silver deposit like others had in that area.
After laboring at this spot a couple hours he took a break to eat lunch. Once he resumed his efforts he noticed an unduly loud squawking coming from a flock of geese. Looking in their direction Michael gasped at what he saw.
Not sixty yards from where he knelt, two large crafts descended from the sky. He noted they had a saucer shape with a hump on top. They moved in unison. Once the saucer furthest from him hovered fifteen feet above the ground, the closest one settled on a flat area of rock.
All the while colors pulsed around these star ships. They changed from reds and greens to silver and orange hues. After a few minutes the far vehicle started to rise. At first in a slow arc. Then in an instant its size diminished so fast it seemed to disappear.
He did not hear any sound coming from either craft. Steven lost track of how long he remained in a kneeling position. After a while, Mr. Michalak became aware of colors flashing from what looked like windows. The vessel now seemed closer to where he now stood. It changed color becoming a solid silver color with a golden glow around the edges. Steven estimated its diameter at between thirty-five to forty feet, and approximately fifteen feet in height.
A Ball-Peen Hammer still gripped in his hand, he gradually began to regain his composure. He didn’t bring along a camera on this trip. However, he produced a pencil and sketched what he was seeing on the back of a topography map. When he had finished a rough draft he glanced up and noticed a harsh purplish beam emanating from an opening near the top. At this point curiosity got the better of him. He advanced toward the flying contraption. As he came nearer, he speculated maybe this was a secret military aircraft belonging to the United States. Getting closer Steven thought, he heard voices coming from the opening. Was he a witness to new UFO evidence?

20 2016 Jul

Haunted House Stories in My Own Neighborhood

1 haunted houseI know not everyone believes in haunted houses, but I definitely have one in my neighborhood. It’s rumored that nobody lives there, but and yet there’s evidence that the place has been kept up by someone. Not to mention, people say they’ve seen lights from the house on the foggiest of nights, even though no one is supposed to be living there. If that isn’t a haunted house, I don’t know what is.

I know I want to explore it for myself, but I’m concerned that someone may actually live there. There might be someone in that house that is not from this world. And if I encounter someone like that, I don’t know what I would do. I guess if I do see someone like that, I could have some great haunted house stories to tell other people about.

So if I get the chance, I think I’m going to take a closer look at this haunted house. I think I’ll bring some buddies along just in case, though. The house isn’t too far from my own home, so we could all walk there. It would be good exercise, at least. And hopefully I’ll have something to talk about when I get back home.

11 2016 Jul

For Immediate Release

FROM SEGAL INC. ISBN#978-1-4520-3871-1
E-MAIL scifiwriter.segal97@gmail.com
WEBSITE- psychedelicprophet.com or supernaturalworlds.com
Sci-Fi Novel Chronicles a Self Proclaimed Prophet, as he recruits disciples and launches a New Religion. When his followers turn him onto the Grateful Dead he teams up with spirit of Jerry Garcia to save the Planet from greed, hate and terrorism.
First time author Glenn Segal pokes fun and raises serious questions about everything, from the afterlife, to the media; from miraculous cures to teleportation
Available at psychedelicprophet.com
Paranormal and political satire abounds, in a story that touches every aspect of our harried lives. He can manipulate the weather; heal the stricken, foretell the future. This new age prophet, who calls himself ‘THE MESSENGER’, emerges out of the ether and leads his disciples on a noble quest. A quest to spread his discipline, SPIN & MODULATION, throughout the globe.
He preaches a discipline that allows its participants to be one with the universe, not when we die, right here and now by aligning our VIBRATIONS with the PRIME FREQUENCY of the CREATOR. Not by praying, not by performing a set of archaic rituals. He calls his temples of enlightenment ‘SPHERE’S’, they soon dot five continents.
However, as the movement expands from a fledgling non-profit, to a world renowned phenomenon, there are some that want him stopped, at any cost. Among these, religious extremists a haunting caped nemesis and a wealthy Realtor, who has a personal score to settle. But who is this enigma and what is the true purpose for this visit?

If you are from Philly, there are dozens of local references, especially, the Oxford Circle, Castor Garden’s area of the Northeast and its suburbs. I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.
About the Author
Glenn Segal has been writing poetry and short stories since he was a teenager. He updated a short story into this fictional series; PSYCHEDELIC PROPHET Book One The Messenger, Book Two-The Sphere, Book Three-Revelation. He is the author of mini essays on various topics. Segal lives in Philadelphia with his wife, three children and dog.
He is employed as an Optician and a Realtor in the Philadelphia suburbs. Order now for .99 at www.deadheadprophet.com, Kindle & Nook. Review copies and interviews available upon request. Reissue of Book One and the release of Book Two-The Sphere, available through additional wholesale and retail sources worldwide. Blogs at psychedelicprophet.com or supernaturalandparanormal.com

7 2016 Jul

Pensacola Fla. 1993


“A huge boomerang with white and blue blinking lights”. That is how Mr. and Mrs. Dortch of Brooksville, Florida described an aerial object that flew above their heads. On June 29th, the Dortch’s had traveled to Bayport to crab and fish in a popular park along the Gulf. When they arrived, they were dismayed to find the pier washed away.

Once back in their vehicle Mr. Dortch noticed a massive object in the sky above them. His wife looked up and saw it also. Both agreed that this was no airplane or helicopter. They watched this craft for a good thirty seconds. When they paused to talk about the strange phenomenon then glanced back up the craft disappeared.

On their way out of the park, they were stopped by a sheriff. Deputy Chancery witnessed the object too. The Dortch’s shared what they observed with him. In his report the sheriff stated, while cruising on Pine Island Road he noticed a bright blue light emanating from a craft hovering about tree-top level.

He swept the bottom of the structure. Its shape reminded him of a boomerang. He could not locate any letters, numbers or symbols. Mainly the size and lack of engine sounds bothered him. As he searched for a pair of binoculars in his glove department he heard a low rumble from the sky. He looked up in time to see the object move toward the Gulf of Mexico at lightning speed. Chancery said, “based on what I now know it was not from our planet. Nothing on Earth could go from a stand-still then haul ass like that”.

In the same vicinity Tarpoon Springs, Florida, a similar report came in a little later that night. “We sat and watched it a good five minutes”. Garth Curtiss admitted. “It floated slowly to the West. I don’t know what to believe. Never seen anything like it.”

The night before in Newport Richie, Mary McCracken viewed the same object hovering while looking out her bedroom window. “I spotted a bunch of real bright lights just above the trees, moving real slow. I kept on watching as it drifted by. Even opened up the window stuck my head out in the rain to get a better look. That’s when I noticed how large it was and it didn’t make a sound. Makes me feel better to know somebody else saw it also. That Sheriff saw the same thing I did”

These incidents I post to this site originated in a composition book. From various newsletters I selected  a few events that caught my attention and wrote my version in a  UFO case book. My brother in law spoke those words on tape. We marketed  the material on a 900# called UFO-INFO. Do not laugh at these back wood witnesses or their honest testimony.