19 2016 Dec

Finding Books on Paranormal Proof

2-proofFor a long time, I have believed in the existence of the paranormal. It is really hard to otherwise explain many of the different stories that have come out over the years about a range of different cases that have happened. It is interesting to believe that there might be some other powers at work in the world around us controlling and changing our world in different ways.

Since this is a subject that really fascinates me, I like to read different types of books and articles that are written about the paranormal. There are a lot of wonderful types of books that help to provide paranormal proof on a regular basis. It is exciting to be able to read these books and to discover more and more about the paranormal as I continue to read up on it all of the time.

Having this kind of interest as a part of my life has always been great for me just because these different types of proofs really do seem to be well bound in fact. With so much information out there about the paranormal, it is a challenge for me not to believe that there might be paranormal forces at work in the world around us.

13 2016 Dec

I’m Only Sleeping

Where do we go
When our eyes close
and we surrender?
Part of us
swirls down an abyss
Another carries on discreet
in a magical ether of calm

In movies, sleep is a place
where battles rage endless
There are challenges we encounter
on our journey
to the light of morning

Are our dreams
A form of semantics?
To be decoded and understood?
When we snooze does our consciousness
dwell in another dimension?
While our breathing may be steady
The thread of memory is erased
When the ego goes asunder
Where does it roost?
Is there a connection
between dreams and reality?
Does one influence the other?
Are our nighttime adventures benign?
Is DMT not present in twilight?
Electrical pulses or divine intervention?

7 2016 Dec

I Love Researching Paranormal Information

1-paranormalEver since I was young, I have been fascinated with the unknown and especially with the paranormal. There are all kinds of wonderful types of stories about these kinds of things happening to people all over the world. It is a little bit creepy, but at the same time it is something that is extremely exciting to think about on a regular basis.

With so much great information about the paranormal out there, it is hard to deny the existence of these things. Generally, I enjoy learning more about the paranormal and finding out as much paranormal information as I can. I love to read the stories that people have about the paranormal and to see all the evidence behind different things that have happened over the years.

This kind of information is something that is really very exciting for me to embrace on a regular basis. I always feel that I am getting the right kind of information to make it so that I am able to learn more about it each day. It is so exciting being able to learn about all of these things that have happened. The information that is out there is very interesting to learn about.

6 2016 Dec

Dreams Our Unconscious Journeys Part 3

As creatures of substance and light we dream every night. In a standard eight hours of rest we dream about 100 minutes. The longer and memorable dreams occur near the end of our sleep cycle.
Over the past forty years, scientists have focused their research on a specific gland located in the epithalamia. This is near the center of the brain and between the two hemispheres. It sits at the cross-roads, where the two halves of the Thalamus connect.
This gland produces melatonin, a hormone that secretes serotonin which regulates sleep cycles. Most Vertebras are equipped with the Pineal Gland, so named for its Pine Cone shape. This strange organ is believed to be an atrophied photo-receptor. It is linked in some amphibians and reptiles to vestigial organ, known as the parietal eye or third eye.
Acclaimed Academics and Philosophers such as Rene Descartes assert that the Pineal Gland is the principle seat of the soul. A place that all our thoughts originate. He ascertained that the Pineal Gland was atypical as a lone organ operating in a brain that primarily functions in pairs. Although, science proved his anatomical theories suspect, reverence of this tiny structure remains draped in mystery.

Now dig this. A whole slew of modern day Shamans accuse the ‘powers that be’ of hiding the significance of this small organ’s role in Paranormal mind activity. They have even gone so far as stating that the Western Culture has toned down the Pineal Gland’s abilities by adding fluoride to our drinking water and toothpaste products.
As the gland ages, it begins to calcify. The level of Melatonin output, as well as a substance referred to as DMT diminishes. A vast number of Spiritually enlightened envoys believe there is a conspiracy to slow down the secretions and potency of both DMT and Melatonin produced in the gland.