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Religion and Politics

I am writing a blog about what is happening right now across the globe. Ordinarily, what appears on this site are glimpses of people or events that I find interesting and entertaining, (I hope). This segment is different.
Okay, let’s imagine a mythical place it looks a lot like where you live. It’s populated by people that look somewhat like yourself. Now here’s the thing: one group believes that the one and only ‘GOD’ chose them, their group to relay the truth of existence. But only to ‘them’ because they were special. They were capable of understanding this noble truth.
You with me? Now, each of these groups are certain they are following the holy mandate. There is no mistaking what they believe. There are three major groups that share a belief of one God.
But here the similarities end. Going back to earlier era’s in this place one group’s ancestors stretch back in time some 5000 years or more, another a notch past 2000 and the third over 1200 years.
The first group follow the example of a guy named Abe. He took instructions directly from the big guy in the sky. The one true, Lord Thy GOD. He inherited the Torah, which are laws of conduct. The man would be tested, mainly tests of loyalty and faith. He and his wives launched the Israelites who eventually settled in Judea. Twelve tribes united by a doctrine provided by their creator. The Arc of the Covenant their holy gift from Adonai.
The second group veered off in another direction from the first because of an immaculate conception. Through a vessel called ‘Mary’ GOD walked the Earth, the material personage in the flesh. He preached a new covenant whereby a believer dwelled forever in a paradise called heaven. These followers were urged to turn the other cheek. Pray for their enemy’s salvation. Their reward everlasting life in a place called heaven.
The third group worshipped the same one ‘God’. This time his teachings and laws were relayed through a ‘Messenger’ named ‘Mohammed’. These revelations occurred in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century. The one deity in this religion is referred to as ‘Allah’. The followers of this faith believed that Mohammed is the last Prophet and conveyed the one ‘God’s’ teaching in a book called the Qur’an.
Some of this book followed the laws and practices of the first and second groups. One main difference between these groups hinged on the concept that ‘Mohammed’ and the Qur’an offered the final word. Mankind must adhere to ‘Allah’s words given to Mohammed, or be labeled an ‘Infidel” or a person who does not believe in religion; is outside of ‘God’s mercy.
So, these groups move forward in time. The first and second groups, share a common system of commerce and customs. They created a new, mighty empire on these beliefs. They adhered to both the laws of the land and their own religious affiliations. The mind-set became known as the Western Civilization. The other group conquered then took root on a third of the planet. They take slaves, murder and rape then sell the women for profit. They all are sanctioned in their holy book.
There’s events called elections inside the Western Civilization. During the time this story was spun, both candidates in this farce were inept. One, a noted Real Estate Billionaire, lacks both tact and the brains to make use of this skill. He manages to ensure women think twice before pulling a lever in his favor. He ridicules challenged folks, told another that he didn’t consider American POWs good soldiers. He is certainly not a ‘Deadhead Prophet’.
The other candidate, a woman, who served in a political capacity and is the spouse of a former head honcho. The right-wing patriots, considered her affiliations with the leaders of some other countries, high treason. Her constituents insist she is right for the office. The Billionaire’s people are positive their guy, who is not beholding, to behind the scenes directives, needs to prevail. Voters find fault with both choices.
The future of the Western Civilization appears to hinge on the coming election. Quite a few other countries are concerned with the outcome. Now that the election is over, we’re on the other side of the event. Well guess who won. I wouldn’t have believed it a month ago, a year ago and ten years ago I would have laughed til I split. Donald Trump is our President.
Riots ensued. Still going on somewhere in the U.S. Liberals complaining. He’s not our president! Is this the prelude to civil war? Can the two viewpoints ever be civil to each other without conflict?
Stay tuned for the hit drama ‘What’s become of the world’

26 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 3

In 1960, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the magic board from the Fuld Company. The next year Parker Bros. sold over two million units, outselling the popular Monopoly Game. With Race Riots, the Vietnam War and the Summer of Love, the Ouija Board gained notoriety.

Over the years, ever since the board was on the market various stories and claims surfaced. In the 1920’s detectives turned to the Ouija to solve the murder of a well-known gambler in New York city. In Chicago, the following year a woman claimed that spirits advised her to place her dead mom in the living room, before burying her in the back yard. In 1930 two Buffalo women murdered another woman, as a result of suggestions of messages received through the board. In 1958, a Connecticut court chose to not honor a will which instructed the sum of $152,000 to go to John Gale Forbes, who contacted her through the Ouija Board from the other side.
Some eclectic authors claimed they received poetry and prose which they published. One swore her book titled ‘Jap Herron’ came from the famous writer Samuel Clemens.

After the tumultuous sixties ended the Ouija fascination waned. That is until a chilling movie titled ‘The Exorcist’ hit theaters in 1973. That single-handedly altered the way people perceived the board. It transformed the Ouija Board from a non-threatening way to pass the time, to a doorway into the bowels of hell. In the film an eleven-year old girl named Reagan, became possessed by a demonic entity, after playing around with the board by herself.

Almost immediately the Catholic Church and many other Christian institutions labeled the Ouija Board a preferred tool of Satan.
End of Part 3

13 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 2

The origin of the Ouija Board can be traced to America’s obsession with Spiritualism in the mid-nineteenth century. This is directly linked to Mysticism that blossomed in the Monarchy’s across Europe. Kings, Queens and the nobles buzzing around their courts, went gaga for mediums and Spiritualists. These individuals held the palaces in awe with predictions of the future. They organized seances, where the Prince’s Dukes and Baronesses communicated with dead monarchs.

Over here in America the Fox Sisters, Kate and Margaret evoked an immediate response by holding a demonstration of Spiritual Rapping at the Corinthian Hall in Rochester New York. This occasion would mark the beginning of mediums performing before a paying audience. After that event, news spread around the globe It was possible now, for believers to seek proof of the after-life. Or paranormal proof,(if you will). Christians could go to a Séance on a Friday and attend church on Sunday with no misgivings. Spiritualism, did not clash with Christian dogma.

A sponsor would hold seances at their homes or rent a hall for table turning parties. The participants placed their hands on top of an 18×18 inch table, which sat on a regular size table. In response to a series of questions, the small table would shake and rock, while everyone swore they were not responsible for the movement.
These gatherings gained popularity in the latter part of the 19th century. Men lived into their mid-fifties. Women routinely died from childbirth and wars decimated the male population. Sons never returned from the battlefield and newborn babies perished from disease. So, trying to make contact with spirits during that era was not deemed wrong or dangerous.

When the Kennard Novelty company marketed their mysterious board, they were cashing in on an easier way to contact the other-side. Up until then communication between the two realms involved a tedious process of calling out each letter of the alphabet and interpreting the knocks that followed. This boring regiment took hours to decipher a legible response.

The Kennard Novelty Company quickly became an American success story. The stockholders reaped millions from the new found niche. By 1892 the company went from one factory in Baltimore to two. Another two in New York a couple in Chicago and one in London.

A few years later, an employee and ground floor investor named William Fuld took over the daily running of the company. He was instrumental in enhancing the profit margin by gaining world-wide recognition of the brand. A year later he fell to his death from the roof of a new factory. The roof of a building the Ouija Board instructed him to build.

A hundred and twenty years later the board is still selling well. Even in the age of electronic stimuli, people turn to alternative methods for explanations during troubling times End Part 2

8 2016 Sep

King and Queen of the Supernatural Part 2

Ed Warren is a straight shooter. He has expounded about ghosts, demons, evil and good at length. From the time of his creepy childhood visitors, right up to the day he passed, he truly believed in the spirit surviving death.
He freely admitted, he could not be certain if a place was haunted without the assistance of a clairvoyant like Lorraine. “I could stay in a house for a month and not be certain there were spirits or demons present. Yes, I would interview the families; get their version of the incidents. But, without a guide, I’d be wasting my time.
Lorraine or other sensitive individuals inform me of what I’m dealing with in a particular environment. They obtain information that is crucial to the investigations. Once we identified what we were up against, I could develop a game plan, using other mediums and religious figures”.

They also recruited an assortment of scientists, to assist them in their investigations. They wanted to be sure that there was no logical explanation in the physical realm for these occurrences. Once they confirmed a malevolent entity was responsible for a particular haunting Ed and Lorraine sought help from a religious authority. In most of their cases a priest.

In 1952 they founded ‘The New England Society for Psychic Research’. Ed wanted to offer assistance to families threatened by uninvited entities. He sought to banish these disruptions using ‘faith’ as a weapon against dark forces. In all, the Warren’s investigated close to 4,000 cases, searching for paranormal evidence.

The one that frightens Lorraine to this day is the ‘Amityville house. She has stated “I Will never enter that house again”. She and her husband felt the presence of pure undiluted evil. Not the spirit of a former person, trapped by circumstance in the material world. This entity was never birthed by mortal flesh. Had not walked in the morning sunlight as an innocent child. On the contrary, what lurked in that house came from darkness, rejoiced when confusion and jealousy damaged sacred relationships.

To be continued

8 2016 Sep

I Have My Own Paranormal Investigations

1 investigationI’m not afraid to admit that I have interest in the paranormal. It’s always been a fascinating concept. I like that things can exist beyond our comprehension. I don’t think everything can be explained by scientific theory, so having a niche subject that encompasses things that cannot be explained is a great idea. I’ve even looked into it myself through investigations.

What I like to do is conduct my own paranormal investigations in places that have been rumored to have paranormal activity. I have a much higher chance of witnessing something myself when I go to places that are pinpointed by fellow enthusiasts. I actually was able to find something with the right gear the last time I went. Since I brought stuff that can detect paranormal phenomena, I was able to document what I discovered. When I shared with my friends, they were really impressed.

All in all, I think I’ll always continue to conduct paranormal investigations so I can keep on seeing new things that not a lot of people witness in the world. One of my big goals in life is to see as much as possible in the world, so being interested in the paranormal really makes sense for me.

20 2016 Aug

Gary Galka Wizard of the After-Life

Almost twelve years ago the Galka family suffered a devastating loss. Melissa, the oldest daughter struck a tree, driving home from a party. She passed soon afterwards in a local hospital. When the grief stricken family returned home and pulled into the garage a familiar scent lingered in the frigid air. The Galka’s blamed the sweet aroma on fatigue and shock.

Over the next days and weeks, the family experienced multiple occurrences of paranormal activity in their home. Almost immediately after her death, Melissa’s presence could be felt entering the kitchen while the family gathered for a meal. The doorbell rang when no one stood outside. Lights turned off and on, the TV channels changed when no one held the remote. They felt kisses on their forehead. Sometimes a tap on their shoulders and a faint voice they recognized as Melissa’s.’

Convinced that his beloved departed daughter was trying to communicate with his family, he proceeded to create devices capable of bridging the gap between here and the hereafter. He learned what they were experiencing had a name. A.DC.’s, After Death Communications. Galka possessed a particular set of skills. Before starting his own company Gary worked at Weston Electronics Instruments. From there he went to Ana logics Corporation. There, he contributed to Medical Imaging and Ultra Sound advancements. His company called DAS Distributers, manufactured Temperature Strain Gauges, pressure Transducers Accelerometers, and other electro-magnetic sensors. He designed sound meters and laser for hospitals and Aerospace companies.

His first device, the Mel 8704 named for his daughter, the year she was born and the year of her tragic death. Next, he invented the SB Spirit Box. With this device, he captured Melissa’s voice. These precision instruments are now DAS distributer’s main focus. His company supplies thousand s of meters to both novice and professional Ghost Hunters.

Gary donates one third of his proceeds to various bereavement groups throughout the world. He appears on numerous Ghost Hunting shows on the Destination America and the Sci/Fi channel.

20 2016 Jul

Haunted House Stories in My Own Neighborhood

1 haunted houseI know not everyone believes in haunted houses, but I definitely have one in my neighborhood. It’s rumored that nobody lives there, but and yet there’s evidence that the place has been kept up by someone. Not to mention, people say they’ve seen lights from the house on the foggiest of nights, even though no one is supposed to be living there. If that isn’t a haunted house, I don’t know what is.

I know I want to explore it for myself, but I’m concerned that someone may actually live there. There might be someone in that house that is not from this world. And if I encounter someone like that, I don’t know what I would do. I guess if I do see someone like that, I could have some great haunted house stories to tell other people about.

So if I get the chance, I think I’m going to take a closer look at this haunted house. I think I’ll bring some buddies along just in case, though. The house isn’t too far from my own home, so we could all walk there. It would be good exercise, at least. And hopefully I’ll have something to talk about when I get back home.

2 2016 Jun




The last episode I’ve had with the spirit world, happened in late 81 early 82. This was in a first floor apartment on Pine Street in Center City Philadelphia, a couple blocks from where the first incident happened. This episode might be just another one of those haunted house stories.

However, this entity did not impress me as a fun loving or a placid image, as did the first two incidents. No. This tiny bundle of existence swirled with evil intentions. This miniature representation of the soiled void, spawned twisted thoughts of hatred in its wake. It occupied a dark corner at the top of a short flight of steps which led to a kitchen over-looking our living room.

I am still not clear on what this entity’s problem is or was, but I can assure you it was as real as the tires on your car, as nasty as a hive of angry Wasps and as lethal as the desert sun.

While I sat watching the bounce of flames from our fireplace or focused on the TV situated under the kitchen railing. A burn would form at the edge of my vision. A leathery pull. My hair stiffened, goose bumps rolled across my neck. I could almost make out a form…mostly a head. One half closed hollow orb a misshapen eye, somewhat swollen…the other… what could I say to… it protruded at a rough angle sometimes seemed to be at different positions at the same time. Bigger than it’s crippled partner. I know…unlikely, would be a kindness. But there you go.

My wife at the time scoffed at the notion of an uninvited guest dwelling at the top of a short flight of steps. Yet whenever she climbed those stairs I noticed a pronounced lean away from that corner. Also our two kittens, Thomasina and Cassidy kept clear of that tiny space. I’ve witnessed mid-air adjustments to avoid landing in that quadrant. When they couldn’t avoid landing in that area a piercing yowl escaped their tiny mouths, as if they collided with a shard of glass. Using the ghost meter pro at that place would have reaped a tidy harvest of the undead.

I still remain puzzled and ill at ease discussing what I consider a small but potent demon that inhabited my domain those years ago. It seems there are a myriad of supernatural occurrences happening at various destinations daily. On this site I hope to highlight the literature and detection equipment available to those brave souls who seek the truth.

31 2016 May



The second occurrence involves (a classic visage) a ghost. I was browsing at a bookstore in the town of New Hope Pa.  Searching for haunted house stories. Must have been 1980. I was searching for a particular volume, scanning the shelves. As I turned down another aisle, a man caught my attention. When I glanced his way what I saw wasn’t a sharp image. Blinked my eyes and he cleared up a bit. He wore the uniform of a British Soldier, circa late 1700’s. His hair appeared reddish in color, his eyes dark, hidden in shadows that obscured his features. As I stepped in his direction, noticed a musket on his shoulder.

Just stood rigid for a spell, trying to decide on a course of action. Thoughts whirling in my brain, but no conclusive strategy emerged. I started to speak, ask a question. As I fumbled to grasp the significance he disappeared. Not all at once, like poof. But as a gradual departure of lines and angles, until all that remained was an after image of his outline, followed by a jolt of vertigo.

When I felt able, sprinted to the end of the aisle where I last saw this memorable outline. Not a remnant of the visage remained. With grim determination I approached the counter at the front of the eclectic book shop. A middle aged women of comely stock welcomed my question to show knowledge and follow protocol.

“The actor I just saw come around the corner.” I informed the capable employee. “Where’d he go?” She gave me a bewildered cautious look; that changed to macabre merriment.

“Oh, you’ve met Red Jack, was he standing in full gear over here?” She pointed to the top of the row I’d just vacated. “Funny only some of you catch sight of the scoundrel. He bothers the hell out of the staff.”

“What? Who is he?” I managed to ask, already knowing for sure what he wasn’t. Alive.

“We call him old Red Coat Jack, although he still looks rather young, don’t you think? A remnant of this area if you will.” She clarified with a quick smile. Not a happy fella. Is that your impression?”

“Well, I didn’t really get a good look. But yes, he wasn’t smiling if I recall.” The woman behind the counter nodded her head in the affirmative. A scrap of concern crossed her face. Don’t let it ruin your day. Think of yourself as the lucky one, she sang out, hands on well curved hips. This should make your day!

While I considered that. A voice from behind me asked the eternal question.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Huh,” was my eloquent response.

“Thought I saw someone I knew, must have been mistaken”



15 2016 May

Learn About Random Haunted House Facts From Documented Paranormal Hotspots

2 haunted house facts 5-13You hear about haunted houses all the time (especially around Halloween), but a lot of people don’t really know about specific facts about them. They may have an idea of what a haunted house looks like, but that’s usually just a stereotyped picture. The truth is, haunted places come in all shapes and sizes. And the truths about them aren’t always as well-known as they should be.

So if you want to learn the hard facts about haunted houses, I recommend reading a book with documented evidence. You’ll learn lots of random haunted house facts just by flipping through the pages. Instead of assuming things, books like America’s Most Haunted document paranormal hotspots that have had reported sightings of supernatural creatures. It’s a great way to get more familiar with haunted places in general.

In the end, it’s best to get all the nitty gritty details on a topic rather than just assuming things. Not every haunted house has a creaky long set of stairs, for example. And not every haunted place is a house. Reading informative books that have random haunted house facts in them is a good plan. You’ll fill your mind with knowledge and not just hearsay.