15 2017 Jan

A Cool Chakra Necklace is the Perfect Piece of Jewelry For Me

2 chakraSince I have been spending a lot of time learning about chakras and the different kinds of energy that flows through a person, I have become really interested in the different types of chakras and how these work. It has been great being able to read books and to learn a lot more about the chakras and what each of these chakras can do for me on a personal level.

One of my friends knows how interested I am in chakras, so she has been doing what she can to encourage me in this kind of study. It is really fun for me to be able to talk to her about what I am learning as she is really getting more interested in this as well. She even bought me a really cool chakra necklace which has the different colors associated with chakras.

This necklace is a really cool one for me to have all of the time. It is a necklace that looks great whenever I wear it. It is really fun for me to be able to have a necklace like this that I can use on a regular basis. I love that many people comment on it without knowing what it represents.

30 2016 Aug

An Occult Necklace is Fun to Wear Everywhere

occult necklaceWhen I recently was looking at different pieces of jewelry, I came across a piece that was just so beautiful that it drew me in and made me sure that I wanted to have something like it. I knew that the pendant on the necklace was occult and was meant to be a protective piece, but this didn’t matter to me since I really was drawn to the attractive design that the piece had.

I ended up taking some time to look at the different types of necklaces that were like this one, but I kept coming back to this one. I eventually ended up buying this specific necklace so that I would be able to wear it on a regular basis. I decided to work to make sure that I would be able to get the right kinds of items that I might be able to wear with this as well.

Now that I have this occult necklace, I have been enjoying wearing it on a regular basis. If anything, the protective nature of this pendant is just a plus for me. I am so glad that I have been able to wear this on many occasions. I often get complements on how nice this pendant looks when I wear it.

24 2016 Jun

I Balance My Chakras with a Chakra Necklace

2 chakraI always am interested in learning about the more spiritual side of things in the world. I’ve trying meditating a bit more, and I’ve been learning about chakras. I even got a necklace that helps me keep the chakras in my body well balanced. It has semi-precious stones that each relate to certain chakras. They’re arranged in a really beautiful way, and definitely help lift my spirits.

The thing is, when chakras aren’t in balance, it can really affect you. You could be overcome by negative thoughts and feelings, or may feel like something is just out of place. Chakra imbalances can also reflect in physical ways, such as having a sore throat, headaches, or digestion problems. The list goes on, so I think it’s well worth it to try and balance your chakras. My chakra necklace really aids in that for me.

So whenever I get ready to go out, I always make sure to wear my chakra necklace. Even when I’m around the house, I still wear my chakra necklace often. I think it just really helps me a lot. Not to mention, it’s very fashionable and nice. I like the colors of the semi-precious stones, and how they’re arranged.

23 2016 Jun

Paranormal Consumables

We find ourselves attached to material possessions. Our homes, cars, eye glasses and jewelry become extensions of our bodies. They help define who we are. How we view ourselves. Yet, neither money or taste can satisfy the true seeker. People go to great lengths in their pursuits of meaningful possessions. Sometimes finding these trophies allude us.
I’ve observed on the course of my travels the importance placed on these material icons. A well made luxury sedan or powerful new Maserati. Quickens the heart-beat, inspires the imagination. A life-like home entertainment system, dilates the pupils along with a sharp intake of breath. These are popular stimulants to celebrate success. Mansions, helicopters even islands can be purchased to immortalize a person or movement. Money buys a ton of lasting security against hunger. But, money cannot grant the subscriber sanctions from spiritual degradation. It does not assure favor when dealing with the fates of this realm.
A fair number of folks find solace in possessing symbolic trinkets; worn around the neck, wrist or ankle. Of course with today’s trends, these adornments may be displayed on the body surface just about anywhere. So these charms radiate invisible waves of kinetic energy.
From a Celtic Cross, the fabled Pentagram right back to The Seal of Solomon. Those who practice Kabbalah fundamentals wear a Chakra Necklace. Men and women attained their dreams and found comfort in these talismans.