17 2017 Jan

Dream Characters

Last night I awoke in the middle of a dream. I remembered a good deal of the circumstances and people I’d interacted with. After a couple minutes I went back to sleep. As I laid my head down, felt like instantaneous, was right back in that situation with the same characters. Peyton Manning and I were arguing about which souvenir he should sign to reap the highest benefit.
This took place in a building with huge windows facing a sheer bluff, a gorge perhaps. The ceiling loomed high above our heads featuring streaming advertisements blazing across in vivid colors, accompanied by the sound of voices yelling slogans. Robotic humanoids rolled by, asking if they could help us come to an agreement.
The characters in your dreams. Think about that for a moment. We all find ourselves on stages. Subjected to whatever environment we find ourselves in. Are we equipped to master the nuances needed to be successful? How do we respond to the challenges cast our way? What kind of reaction does our role evoke from the other participants?
In my dreams prominent canines I’ve loved often rescue me from various pitfalls I’ve stumbled in to. They vault between myself and dangerous foes who either wish to do me harm or prevent the nocturnal completion of my unconscious mission.
Dreams are personal voyages we all must board to prepare us for the future. The characters we meet along the way either hinder our progress or enable us to leap ahead of an on rushing deadline. Sometimes our relatives and friends are cast in familiar scenes. Just when our defenses soften a stranger enters causing the whole situation to shift.
Another kind of entity that populates my night time excursions are cartoon heroes of my childhood. Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, along with Johnny Quest animate my dream horizon. They infuse hectic story lines with much needed comic relief from unresolved tensions.