2 ghost meter proGoing ghost hunting on the weekends with friends is always a fun activity. We do the things people in the shows on TV do. We like to explore places that are potentially or rumored to be haunted, and we make sure to always bring our ghost detection equipment with us. In particular, I really like the model I always bring along with me.

The one I bring along is the Ghost Meter Pro, and I’ve found it works more accurately than the regular one. When I use it to detect ghosts, it always seems to work. It picks up on supernatural things in the area, even if they’re somewhat far away. So whenever I notice anything out of the ordinary, I use my Ghost Meter Pro to see if I can find what’s causing things.

All in all, we really make a big thing out of it. We’ve gotten a lot of pictures and video footage from our treks, and we’ve detected a lot of ghosts with our little gizmos. But I’m proud to say I’ve found the most ghosts. My Ghost Meter Pro really does work, and I’m glad I can get in contact with the supernatural this way.

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