4 ghost detector 5-13I’ve always been interested in haunted places. I like exploring old graveyards and supposedly haunted buildings for fun. But one thing I’ve never done is try to get in contact with a spirit. I’ve never tried to actually find ghosts. So I decided to pick up a little device that allows me to basically find ghosts. It has a dial and everything.

So the other day, I heard a story about a haunted hotel around three hours away. So of course I made a day out of it and drove down to check it out. As a prepared person, I came equipped with my handy ghost detector. And when I entered the building, my detector suddenly started going off. It had stayed quiet until I stepped inside of the building!

Convinced, I walked around the hotel with the device in my hand. It wavered in places, but I could definitely tell there were spirits all around me. I felt cold, and had a weird feeling. In the end, I wrote all about it on my blog. It’s something that I’ll never forget, and I hope people will tell their friends about my experience. My ghost detector really works, and I highly recommend it.

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