There are layers of reality heaped upon each other. They intermingle affecting our plane of existence in both subtle and major ways. These are facts that were known, recorded as myths since we first walked the planet. As sentient beings we are all aware of the gaps between what is visible, what is heard and what our senses detect in the material realm. From these occurrences haunted house stories emerge.
Basic questions arise concerning our perception of reality.
There are many on the Earth Plane who behave as if they are certain about basic processes that go on around them. They act as if their belief will assure a logical outcome.
But, deep down we realize that we do not have the slightest inkling of what is truly happening with our planet, our lives let alone the vast universe. We think by reading a wide range of periodicals, watching you-tube videos and select news broadcasts or reciting passages from the bible, Koran or Pali Canon, we gain infinite wisdom.
Now let’s discuss the other side of this eternal debate. (The Supernatural World) All of the possibilities, probabilities and alternate trains of thought, explored by those reaching for answers, just beyond their grasp. As beings of cosmic energy we must decide our fate by steering our consciousness off the narrow pathway of conformity. Spiritualists negotiate hidden currents of communication, by maneuvering through a maze of symbols and abstract languages.
Paranormal Energy resides outside of every day parameters. Mind control, Second site, hypnotic suggestions, span two worlds of experience. They form a bridge between what is expected and what is dreamt
Now, we have devices you can acquire by simply clicking your trusty mouse and these dependable meters will appear in your mailbox. So now you and yours have access to tools once regarded in the realm of speculative fiction.
This is my first blog to introduce a place for one stop shopping in all things paranormal-supernatural and of keen interest to those of us who relish the hidden realms of existence. GS

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