We are handicapped some more than others. Skipping through our daily dramas as if we have a clue. This system ebbs and flows in a dance we call life. Dance of the cosmos. Every component is shifting… becoming. There is a hidden state of being we cannot comprehend because of our purposeful ignorance.
Okay, let’s get to it! Are there realms of space and time, we as sentient beings cannot access? Is there another layer of reality, we as a general species cannot detect? Or is the Earth plane, the material world, the only reality there is?
Why can some people see, hear or receive flashes from another plane of existence?

Huge topic- Let’s break it down
Many aspects of this subject is related to the big (‘D’) DEATH. Ghosts, Zombies, Ghouls, Satan, Gods, Vampires, and Werewolves all revolve around the same plight everything that exists, for mere moments or for years will perish. Sorry, it doesn’t give you a feeling of conceit. Those are the rules. The only rules that apply to all living things.
Other forms of Paranormal Occurrences deal within the mind and various belief mechanisms. Clairvoyance, Alchemy, Exorcism, Astral Projections, Religion, (in some forms) Meditation, Telepathy, UFO Investigations. Lost Continent Of Atlantis and many aspects of our own worlds’ pre-civilization myths intrigue me. Will include Poltergeists in this category, because I believe these entities require life energy to exist as a static form in this realm.
Okay, I’ll start with ghosts, poltergeists and haunting. Number one, I believe they exist. Maybe not entirely in this realm, but I have seen and heard them personally on the Earth Plane.
I can give three examples from my personal experience. The first is of the poltergeist type occurrences. This was sometime in the spring of 1978. I worked at the original location of For Eyes Optical. This was an eyeglass company started by two hippie brothers. It featured a picture of Jehovah handing a pair of eyeglasses down to Adam and a tubular radio, tuned only to WMMR. We were located in Center City Philadelphia.
We were open until 9PM on Wednesdays. Now this store encompassed the first floor of a three story Brownstone, probably built soon after the civil war. An old building.
I handled the tints and cases for the whole company which at that time boasted eight locations. On Wednesdays I busied myself in the two back rooms, tinting lenses, stamping boxes and arranging them in piles.
These disturbances happened on many occasions, but I remember the night time episodes; somehow more clearly than the rest. This is the funny part. You see. I worked with another optician at this location. We’ll call him Rick F. in lieu of any legal calisthenics. This guy was rotund and thought himself fearless. He always carried a side arm-pistol. Not sure of the exact caliber, but it was a big gun. Reminded me of a cannon. Anyways.
When customers were around Rick would stay up front where we displayed frames took measurements, wrote orders. When no customers were present, he sat at a desk wedged at the archway between the display room and the back areas.
As the sun went down the spirits would awake. At first you were not sure if you were hearing the normal sounds of a bustling city outside or the ruminations of an elderly structure.
A slight rustle of paper or cardboard. Just for a second, then silence. After a moment another sound. This time a longer period of ..sliding or light footsteps, caught our attention. Then after another agonizing moment. A crash, a distinct noise. A box falling.
Rick would arise like an over-sized Ninja and spin around so he faced the unspecified danger. He looked as if he would charge into the back. He really did for a couple seconds, then he rocked on his heels as if building up momentum, yet never moved from his original position, beside his desk. His lame mustache bristled in contemplation at these times. I could almost hear a subtle hum from his face.
If I failed to do anything, Rick would shout out insults to whomever or whatever had disturbed his tranquility, all the while waving his Luger toward the rear.
I, on the other hand, for whatever reason was not the least scared to be back there. I heard stuff lots of times. I was in the back working at least ten fifteen hours a week. Stamping boxes of cases and stacking them to be shipped when the UPS driver arrived.
Sometimes I actually saw the boxes moving at the top of a stack or on the floor. The boxes spun, they hopped. A few times I believe they levitated briefly. I am sure.

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