7 2016 Dec

I Love Researching Paranormal Information

1-paranormalEver since I was young, I have been fascinated with the unknown and especially with the paranormal. There are all kinds of wonderful types of stories about these kinds of things happening to people all over the world. It is a little bit creepy, but at the same time it is something that is extremely exciting to think about on a regular basis.

With so much great information about the paranormal out there, it is hard to deny the existence of these things. Generally, I enjoy learning more about the paranormal and finding out as much paranormal information as I can. I love to read the stories that people have about the paranormal and to see all the evidence behind different things that have happened over the years.

This kind of information is something that is really very exciting for me to embrace on a regular basis. I always feel that I am getting the right kind of information to make it so that I am able to learn more about it each day. It is so exciting being able to learn about all of these things that have happened. The information that is out there is very interesting to learn about.

6 2016 Dec

Dreams Our Unconscious Journeys Part 3

As creatures of substance and light we dream every night. In a standard eight hours of rest we dream about 100 minutes. The longer and memorable dreams occur near the end of our sleep cycle.
Over the past forty years, scientists have focused their research on a specific gland located in the epithalamia. This is near the center of the brain and between the two hemispheres. It sits at the cross-roads, where the two halves of the Thalamus connect.
This gland produces melatonin, a hormone that secretes serotonin which regulates sleep cycles. Most Vertebras are equipped with the Pineal Gland, so named for its Pine Cone shape. This strange organ is believed to be an atrophied photo-receptor. It is linked in some amphibians and reptiles to vestigial organ, known as the parietal eye or third eye.
Acclaimed Academics and Philosophers such as Rene Descartes assert that the Pineal Gland is the principle seat of the soul. A place that all our thoughts originate. He ascertained that the Pineal Gland was atypical as a lone organ operating in a brain that primarily functions in pairs. Although, science proved his anatomical theories suspect, reverence of this tiny structure remains draped in mystery.

Now dig this. A whole slew of modern day Shamans accuse the ‘powers that be’ of hiding the significance of this small organ’s role in Paranormal mind activity. They have even gone so far as stating that the Western Culture has toned down the Pineal Gland’s abilities by adding fluoride to our drinking water and toothpaste products.
As the gland ages, it begins to calcify. The level of Melatonin output, as well as a substance referred to as DMT diminishes. A vast number of Spiritually enlightened envoys believe there is a conspiracy to slow down the secretions and potency of both DMT and Melatonin produced in the gland.

22 2016 Nov

Dreams Our Unconscious Journeys Part 2

When researchers deprive a subject of their dream cycles even for a few days, they have documented these symptoms. Heightened anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate, lack of coordination, hallucinations and acute paranoia. In retrospect, our dreams serve as safety valves releasing stress and negative energy allowing us to carry on. Unencumbered by faulty decisions or past mistakes.

So, our dreams are an integral asset for our piece of mind. But, can they influence what we achieve while awake? I believe they can if we excerpt our will in a place between daytime endeavors and inner distractions. Otherwise known as ‘day-dreaming’

A pastime by the way we all can relate to. It’s the middle of the day. You’ve eaten your lunch, then leaned back in your chair to chill. An idle thought vies for your attention. Before you know it, feel far away. Following that random thought as if it were a road that needs exploring. During this interlude, you are semi-awake. Not sleeping but certainly not cognizant of your surroundings. Is this paranormal proof of our mind’s ability to change reality? The longer we dwell in this state the deeper we sink into our personal fantasy world.

This is not a waste of time, or misused resources. With practice, we can utilize day-dreams to enhance our control over ‘vivid dreams’. I think of these dreams like a ride through an amusement park. Only difference, you can determine where the car turns and who you will encounter, with practice.

Both, when we dream at night or day-dream at work three components of our brains light up like wildfire. The Limbic System, Frontal Cortex and Sensory Cortex all display increased activity.

22 2016 Nov

Dreams Our Unconscious Journeys

What do we all have in common? Besides, death and taxes. We dream! Most of the time I’m not aware that I’m dreaming. Yet, I’ve read and heard enough to convince me that I do dream during ‘R.E.M’ sleep. A technical definition states: a succession of images, ideas, emotion or sensations that occur while we sleep beyond our conscious or physical control.

Sometimes it is your point of view, in others you’re just a character in a particular dreamscape. The subject is daunting. Even with dozens of scientific breakthroughs the process is still not fully understood. It reminds me, of the gift of sight, the miracle of vision. Both processes can be labeled, dissected, each component identified. Yet, how the actual phenomenon occurs remains a mystery.

The errant images that tell a story. Those bio-chemical pulses firing within our brains during sleep. Are they simply a reshuffling of our daily experiences? A tutorial of what we expect to happen in the near future? Or do our minds in sleep connect to another dimension? A storehouse of DNA coded lessons?

As transient beings of flesh and light, our daily trials and errors take their toll on our psyche. We try but fail to reach our goals as individuals and as a race of cognitive beings. As I mentioned in other blogs, dreams allow us to break the grasp of both reality and gravity. We can soar above our lives and responsibilities. A reprieve that washes away unneeded debris.

12 2016 Nov

The Book Psychedelic Prophet Concerns Prophets and a Deadhead as Well

2-readingThe book Psychedelic Prophet was one that I started reading because one of my friends said that this book was pretty incredible. I knew that I had read some pretty cool supernatural books in the past, but hearing about one with so many clever things going on had me very interested. How could a prophet end up being a fan of The Grateful Dead as well? It was intriguing.

The book is a really wonderful read for anyone that is interested in the supernatural as it concerns the matters of manipulating the forces of nature, talking to the dead, and prophets in general. It even includes a deadhead or two. It is really cool to be able to find a book that combines all of these different topics and gets them into the same space.

This book is unlike any book that I have ever read before. It is the perfect mixture of the paranormal and some political satire as well. On the whole, I find that this book is something that is worth the read. I plan on suggesting it to some of my other friends who I know would really enjoy reading this kind of book as well.

8 2016 Nov

Wilhelm Reich Lightning In A Box

This content was an angle gleaned from a page on
‘The Institute for Orgonomic Science’ Home Page

ORGONE, stated simply is the primordial life force of nature. In my novel series, Psychedelic Prophet, I call this energy, ‘The Universal Spirit’ or ‘Universal Flow’.

This precocious ether, is the force Wilhelm Reich, speculated about in numerous essays he amassed in his short but productive life. Over years of experimentation and observation, Reich identified the basic properties of Orgone Energy. It fills all space yet is mass free. It penetrates matter; it pulsates and is observable and measurable. It has a natural attraction to water and accumulates in an organism through food, or breathing pores in your skin.
Orgone energy is negatively entropic-system that attract lessor charged energy systems. Reich discovered how to accumulate Orgone energy from the atmosphere. He invented a special enclosure, which embodied many experiments with a Faraday Cage, also termed an accumulator. This is constructed with layers of organic material which absorb and hold kinetic energy.

He found the Organic pulse is entropic, a negatively charged medium that attracts lesser energy systems that in turn emanate less heat, and is detectable in the accumulator chamber.
As far as Wilhelm Reich’s credentials, he amassed more doctorate degrees both in Europe and America than any two scholars of his time. He studied alongside Freud, exchanged letters with Einstein, it is rumored he conversed with Tesla at length.

He conjectured, when a person makes contact with an accumulating device, the two fields excite each other, creating energy in the form of “lumination.” The doctor found this Orgonotic charge to be beneficial to animated life forms. Reich proved through numerous experiments that Orgone fortified immune systems, improved circulation, and heightened stamina.

Speak about the life-source, the ether that allows relation, the medium of possibilities. I believe his box represents the first scientific based paranormal research equipment. This for my money; along with research Tesla concentrated on, explains a good deal of how the natural processes occcur.
He died in Lewisburg PA. Our government had placed him in prison there for transporting his miraculous boxes across state lines. Treated as a criminal, instead of a fun loving genius. They must have been scared of his intellect.

If you are interested in this underrated genius contact me, or Google his name. Thanks GS

8 2016 Nov

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 4

From that point onward the Ouija Board became a prime target for Christian Ministries and other forms of religious clergy. At the beginning of the new millennium in New Mexico boards were thrown into the same bonfire flames as, Harry Potter books and Disney’s Snow White VHS tapes. Bible verses, they claimed, shunned the use of mediums to communicate with spirits. In 2002 Pat Robertson warned his 700 Club viewers that messing with the Ouija would allow demons to hijack your soul.

Many Paranormal Enthusiasts remain wary of the traditional Ouija Board. Although, Psychic Researchers prefer the antique model. In 1991 Hasbro bought the rights from Parker Brothers and to this day sell 100’s of thousands of units a year. Now, people buy the board because of the publicity and danger element rather than contacting spirits dwelling in another realm.

Modern Horror Movies like Paranormal Activities make use of the board in their plotting of the series. TV shows episodes of Breaking Bad, Rizzoli and Isles, even Castle, revolve around the mysterious Ouija. Teens that prefer Gothic themes, wear bras and underwear depicting the board.

This so-called game, reaches new heights of popularity in troubling times. So, you can be assured sales are brisk lately. The phenomenon holds interest at the edge of our flawed society. Okay, its ability to fascinate I can understand. But, how does it work?

What invisible force powers the planchette across the boards surface? Scientists tell us the energy is the product of our minds. They call it the Ideometer Effect. In 1872 William Benjamin Carpenter, published a paper for The Royal Institute of Great Britain. This report stated, automatic muscular movements are taking place below our conscious awareness. The next year Michael Faraday confirmed his findings.
Many trials have been conducted since then. They offer scientists insights, methods by which we can study levels of the thought process involved in unconscious manipulation of inert matter.

1 2016 Nov

Checking Out the Psychedelic Prophet Book

1-psychedelic-prophetSince I have always been interested in things that are just a bit supernatural, I have spent a lot of my time looking at different types of items that I can get on the subject. I love to hear about different people who are able to harness various powers and use these different types of forces to their advantage. It is extremely exciting for me to see the way that this plays out even in fiction.

This is why I got really excited even when I was able to find a book that sounded especially exciting. One of the books that I managed to find was Psychedelic Prophet. This book was about someone comes from the stars to work on helping the world. It is really interesting to read about this kind of thing, so I am really excited to be able to read about the book.

So far, I have heard really great things about this book so I am going to enjoy this fully. It is a book that really seems to capture the feel of the supernatural and to use the different ideas to create something spectacular. Once I get time to sit down with this book I will be able to enjoy it much more thoroughly.

31 2016 Oct

Religion What do you Believe?

Are you aware? Anybody home? Knock knock Do you get it?
If we got to this point, guess not. But I’ll try anyway.
In your opinion, what’s going on? Why we here? Basic question.
With me so far?
Do you have any factual data to support your belief? Evidence
that say a Philadelphia lawyer could not dispute. Are you
convinced it is Jesus. Or positive Allah watches over you. Do
you stand in reverence of Yahweh? Who’s got your back?
What do you believe? Think this is all a process. A mirage? The
Cosmic Wheel.
Are you sure God sits in judgment? Weighs your conduct against a holy bar-code? Cares about your motives and decisions? Do you envision the rapture? Looking forward to it? Believe you will rise into oblivion? A seat reserved at a table with Jesus acting as master of ceremonies?
Why is God stern, why the worship? Is he insecure? The creator of the universe or many universes, what is its home universe where he or she came from. What kind of infancy, home life are we talking about?
Reincarnation, a fun word. Gives the impression of a second chance or many turns at the prize. The wheel, somehow we must get off the wheel of circumstance. What phase are you in? Maybe you have not risen out of the muck enough to see your possibilities.
Just saying.

26 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 3

In 1960, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the magic board from the Fuld Company. The next year Parker Bros. sold over two million units, outselling the popular Monopoly Game. With Race Riots, the Vietnam War and the Summer of Love, the Ouija Board gained notoriety.

Over the years, ever since the board was on the market various stories and claims surfaced. In the 1920’s detectives turned to the Ouija to solve the murder of a well-known gambler in New York city. In Chicago, the following year a woman claimed that spirits advised her to place her dead mom in the living room, before burying her in the back yard. In 1930 two Buffalo women murdered another woman, as a result of suggestions of messages received through the board. In 1958, a Connecticut court chose to not honor a will which instructed the sum of $152,000 to go to John Gale Forbes, who contacted her through the Ouija Board from the other side.
Some eclectic authors claimed they received poetry and prose which they published. One swore her book titled ‘Jap Herron’ came from the famous writer Samuel Clemens.

After the tumultuous sixties ended the Ouija fascination waned. That is until a chilling movie titled ‘The Exorcist’ hit theaters in 1973. That single-handedly altered the way people perceived the board. It transformed the Ouija Board from a non-threatening way to pass the time, to a doorway into the bowels of hell. In the film an eleven-year old girl named Reagan, became possessed by a demonic entity, after playing around with the board by herself.

Almost immediately the Catholic Church and many other Christian institutions labeled the Ouija Board a preferred tool of Satan.
End of Part 3