17 2016 Oct

UFO Evidence Is Out There

2-ufoThere are countless stories of UFO sightings and strange occurrences happening when there is a UFO sighting like people being thrown from one place to another. Many strange things have happened when people have noticed something in the sky and a ton of these stories are eerily similar. People have been noticing UFOs for a long time.

All kinds of people from all walks of life have had UFO experiences and even experienced pilots who know what a plane looks like up in the air have seen things in the sky that were definitely not a plane. It is always interesting to hear these stories and the remarkable details and how people remember what happened to them.

There is a ton of UFO evidence out there that is worth exploring. Some people even have marks or scars that were left from their UFO experiences and those marks can’t be explained any other way. Some people say they have been captured by the aliens and then let go and returned to Earth and they remember their experience vividly. When you want to look for evidence of UFOs, you should definitely read the stories and check out everything that is out there.

13 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 2

The origin of the Ouija Board can be traced to America’s obsession with Spiritualism in the mid-nineteenth century. This is directly linked to Mysticism that blossomed in the Monarchy’s across Europe. Kings, Queens and the nobles buzzing around their courts, went gaga for mediums and Spiritualists. These individuals held the palaces in awe with predictions of the future. They organized seances, where the Prince’s Dukes and Baronesses communicated with dead monarchs.

Over here in America the Fox Sisters, Kate and Margaret evoked an immediate response by holding a demonstration of Spiritual Rapping at the Corinthian Hall in Rochester New York. This occasion would mark the beginning of mediums performing before a paying audience. After that event, news spread around the globe It was possible now, for believers to seek proof of the after-life. Or paranormal proof,(if you will). Christians could go to a Séance on a Friday and attend church on Sunday with no misgivings. Spiritualism, did not clash with Christian dogma.

A sponsor would hold seances at their homes or rent a hall for table turning parties. The participants placed their hands on top of an 18×18 inch table, which sat on a regular size table. In response to a series of questions, the small table would shake and rock, while everyone swore they were not responsible for the movement.
These gatherings gained popularity in the latter part of the 19th century. Men lived into their mid-fifties. Women routinely died from childbirth and wars decimated the male population. Sons never returned from the battlefield and newborn babies perished from disease. So, trying to make contact with spirits during that era was not deemed wrong or dangerous.

When the Kennard Novelty company marketed their mysterious board, they were cashing in on an easier way to contact the other-side. Up until then communication between the two realms involved a tedious process of calling out each letter of the alphabet and interpreting the knocks that followed. This boring regiment took hours to decipher a legible response.

The Kennard Novelty Company quickly became an American success story. The stockholders reaped millions from the new found niche. By 1892 the company went from one factory in Baltimore to two. Another two in New York a couple in Chicago and one in London.

A few years later, an employee and ground floor investor named William Fuld took over the daily running of the company. He was instrumental in enhancing the profit margin by gaining world-wide recognition of the brand. A year later he fell to his death from the roof of a new factory. The roof of a building the Ouija Board instructed him to build.

A hundred and twenty years later the board is still selling well. Even in the age of electronic stimuli, people turn to alternative methods for explanations during troubling times End Part 2

7 2016 Oct

Supernatural Books Are Always Intriguing To Read

1-supernatural-bookThere are many of us who love all things supernatural and even those of us who haven’t had any supernatural experiences are always curious about them. The supernatural world is always an intriguing world and it is always a lot of fun to be able to get into this world and to learn more about it. Reading supernatural books is a great way to know more.

There are some great supernatural reads out there and it is always amazing when you can find one that will help you to really get into the supernatural world more than ever and that will help you to know more about it. It is great to be able to read up on all sorts of topics from ghosts and haunted places to near- death experiences.

When you want to get more supernatural knowledge, it is always a good idea to do some supernatural reading. Reading supernatural books makes it easy to be able to explore all thing supernatural. Whether these books are fiction or not, it can always be a treat to get in touch with the supernatural world and that spiritual side of you. It is always nice to be able to read a good book with a supernatural theme.

5 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part One

Let us take a fabled glimpse into the spiritual realm. We’ll travel through time and space. It’s February in the year 1891. The first advertisements regarding a talking board appears in a Pittsburgh newspaper. The tag-line read. A magical toy that could answer questions about past, present and future occurrences. Priced at a mere $1.50 this board game promised hours of family enjoyment and discovery. A pathway between the known and the unknown. Giving common folk access to what lies beyond this material realm.
The product that sold in stores back in 1891, has not changed much in the years between. Originally the board was wooden, the planchette metal. These days the board is cardboard, the planchette is plastic. The same two rows of the alphabet in a semi-circle above the numbers 0-9. Yes and No in the top corners, and Good Bye at the bottom.
As two or more participants sat around the mysterious board, placing their fingertips lightly on the planchette and posing random questions. The triangular device with a window, or portal, seemed to move of its own accord. Spelling out or simply answering the question posed as negative or affirmative.
Just the alleged facts surrounding the patenting and the naming of the Ouija Board is a story in itself. The claims by the inventors were corroborated by the Baltimore Patent Office. So how did the patent clerk determine how this seemingly placid instrument functioned? The plan hatched by a gregarious patent agent amounted to simply withholding his name from Kennard and his associates. Once they arrived he suggested they ask the magic board what his full name was. In short order the name was spelled out. Elijah Bond a partner in the Kennard Novelty Company and his sister in law Helen Peters attended the demonstration. Helen, described by Mr. Bond as ‘a strong medium’ also extracted the name from the board when she asked the board what name they should use, it spelled out OUIJA.

As historians discovered, one of the early investors of the Kennard Novelty Company, also happened to be a Patent Attorney. Yes, good old Elijah Bond practiced law. Some speculated that was how he knew the patent clerk’s identity. Paranormal evidence you might say. End of Part One

4 2016 Oct

Solar Flares

A star is like a parent
It provides guidance and warmth
It holds its’ child captive and relatively safe, but every so often the enthusiasm presses the edges of containment. Its passion exceeds the boundaries.
On Earth we call these jovial eruptions solar flares They are not a product we at present control. Therefore, they pose an unknowable risk like: placing a pile of chips on the roulette felt atop 00 and knowing even unlucky gamblers hit now and then.

So we are gambling, betting against a meteor or asteroid clobbering our fair planet. A star like Alpha Centauri can always supernova what effect would that have on mankind?

Like everything else in this existence the very attributes of our source of life, warmth, light; also can exude death, cold and darkness. The opportunities afforded a species are fleeting and occasional.
Ying and Yang dwell in the heart of a Christian Diplomat, in the mind of a cleric of Islam, on the skin of a rabbi’s face, as well as the expanse of a distant galaxy. These external balance’s, follow no agenda that we can conceive without accepting the on going process without forethought.

The universe is a dangerous neighborhood to hang. Our solar system, no exception. Besides dodging, asteroids, meteors and other cosmic debris. Our beautiful planet must worry about those pesky solar flares. Gaia knows, one band of light photons, mixed with hydrogen can produce a wave that can push the whole process out of sync.

A rogue flare can easily fry the electro-magnetic grid and usher in the dark ages; with a single dose of unheralded radiation. Who knows what area of the planet gets a cosmic tan. It depends on which side shows it’s face when the particles hit. Like a cosmic lottery. Fact is, every facet of existence shares the same chances of success or failure. Eastern or Western Hemisphere. We have a fifty/fifty chance. Good Luck

24 2016 Sep

Excited to Use My Ghost Hunting Camera

2 ghost at cemetaryWhenever I tell someone I can see ghosts sometimes, they never seem to believe me. But ever since I was younger, I’ve had occurrences where I can see spirits in physical form. While I’ve never been able to communicate with one, I can still see them sometimes. So to prove to people that I really can see ghosts, I decided to get a camera that’s great for ghost hunting.

The ghost hunting camera I got is lightweight and takes great night footage. The picture is clear and really detailed. I’ve been able to film things at night with ease when I use it. So all I need to do now is film some actual ghosts or paranormal phenomena so other people can get a glimpse of what I see through my lens.

I’ve actually heard there’s supernatural activity often in the graveyard just a town over, so I think I’ll start my hunt there. This weekend, I’m going to make sure I go out ghost hunting for a while so I can get some great footage. I want to make sure I come back from using my ghost hunting camera with a full SD card that has lots of paranormal proof.

22 2016 Sep

King and Queen of the Supernatural Part 3

The Warren’s brought about changes in disclosures regarding murders, suicides and records of paranormal activities in Real Estate contracts and leases. They created this precedent by testifying on behalf of a single mother and her child who rented a house from a woman. Soon after they moved in, they both experienced disturbing occurrences.

They heard banging in the walls, footsteps, hanging plants, swung on their own, levitated near the ceiling. Once a kitchen knife flung into the floor right before she entered the room that was the final straw. When the property owner refused to break the lease, she contacted the Warren’s. Ed and Lorraine gathered evidence to prove the house was haunted. Now, the Warren’s had a district court decision to validate their claims of dangerous entities.

The eclectic husband and wife traveled around the world investigating both paranormal and supernatural phenomenon. They have appeared on numerous talk shows. They have written and are the subject of many books and several movies.
In a small New England town is where they reside. From the outside their modest cottage nestled among mature trees and shrubs does not convey what haunted artifacts are assembled inside. Their respective offices are located at either end of a cavernous basement. In between in an ‘L’ shaped room is their collection of trinkets, masks, skulls and sinister volumes from around the globe. They display high tech gear in the field of ghost detection. popular ‘Raggedy Ann Doll’ is confined to a glass case. A museum of the macabre which contains items of bone chilling consequence.

In 2006, after a lengthy illness, Ed succumbed to the inevitable. Lorraine and her son-in-law Tony Spera continue to host tours through the infamous basement museum. They still publish the New England Society for Psychic Research newsletter. Mrs. Warren’s advice is still coveted by investigators both here and abroad. Unfortunately Lorraine’s age and health prohibits daily participation in the family tradition. Yet, the profound mark the Warren’s carved in the Paranormal landscape cannot be overlooked. They were true pioneers in the quest for knowledge concerning spirits and demons here on the Earth Plane.

8 2016 Sep

King and Queen of the Supernatural Part 2

Ed Warren is a straight shooter. He has expounded about ghosts, demons, evil and good at length. From the time of his creepy childhood visitors, right up to the day he passed, he truly believed in the spirit surviving death.
He freely admitted, he could not be certain if a place was haunted without the assistance of a clairvoyant like Lorraine. “I could stay in a house for a month and not be certain there were spirits or demons present. Yes, I would interview the families; get their version of the incidents. But, without a guide, I’d be wasting my time.
Lorraine or other sensitive individuals inform me of what I’m dealing with in a particular environment. They obtain information that is crucial to the investigations. Once we identified what we were up against, I could develop a game plan, using other mediums and religious figures”.

They also recruited an assortment of scientists, to assist them in their investigations. They wanted to be sure that there was no logical explanation in the physical realm for these occurrences. Once they confirmed a malevolent entity was responsible for a particular haunting Ed and Lorraine sought help from a religious authority. In most of their cases a priest.

In 1952 they founded ‘The New England Society for Psychic Research’. Ed wanted to offer assistance to families threatened by uninvited entities. He sought to banish these disruptions using ‘faith’ as a weapon against dark forces. In all, the Warren’s investigated close to 4,000 cases, searching for paranormal evidence.

The one that frightens Lorraine to this day is the ‘Amityville house. She has stated “I Will never enter that house again”. She and her husband felt the presence of pure undiluted evil. Not the spirit of a former person, trapped by circumstance in the material world. This entity was never birthed by mortal flesh. Had not walked in the morning sunlight as an innocent child. On the contrary, what lurked in that house came from darkness, rejoiced when confusion and jealousy damaged sacred relationships.

To be continued

8 2016 Sep

I Have My Own Paranormal Investigations

1 investigationI’m not afraid to admit that I have interest in the paranormal. It’s always been a fascinating concept. I like that things can exist beyond our comprehension. I don’t think everything can be explained by scientific theory, so having a niche subject that encompasses things that cannot be explained is a great idea. I’ve even looked into it myself through investigations.

What I like to do is conduct my own paranormal investigations in places that have been rumored to have paranormal activity. I have a much higher chance of witnessing something myself when I go to places that are pinpointed by fellow enthusiasts. I actually was able to find something with the right gear the last time I went. Since I brought stuff that can detect paranormal phenomena, I was able to document what I discovered. When I shared with my friends, they were really impressed.

All in all, I think I’ll always continue to conduct paranormal investigations so I can keep on seeing new things that not a lot of people witness in the world. One of my big goals in life is to see as much as possible in the world, so being interested in the paranormal really makes sense for me.

5 2016 Sep

King and Queen of the Supernatural One

Edward Warren born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on September 7, 1926. He died August 23, 2006. He spent his childhood in a house with robust spiritual energy. Around two or three in the morning his bedroom closet opened. A ball of radiant light hovered near his bed. A form of communication transpired. What he now refers to as a globule. Over a period of time a face appeared. His deceased grandmother’s face. His father, a police officer assured him there was a logical reason for all the incidents taking place around him. However, these disruptions created a powerful yearning to explain this unsettling phenomena.

Lorraine Rita Moran, was born January 31, 1927 in Milford, Connecticut. The eldest of three children, she was raised a devout Catholic. At school, she noticed various colored lights shining around people’s head. Lorraine realized if she told of her gift; it would be difficult to fit in. So, she kept the auras to herself.

As a teen, Ed worked as an Usher at the Colonial Theater in Bridgeport Conn. There he met Lorraine who accompanied her mother every Wednesday Night to the movies. One night he got up the courage to walk them home and ask her out.
Ed joined the Navy on his seventeenth birthday. After a few months at sea the ship he was on sank into the Atlantic. As one of the lucky survivors, he was given a thirty-day leave. He took this opportunity to marry Lorraine. By the time the war ended they had a daughter to provide for. He needed to generate income. Ed possessed a keen artistic ability. He could sketch landscapes, houses and people quickly and with tremendous accuracy. He had a plan.

They bought a car for fifteen dollars and left Connecticut. They planned on selling his artwork to wealthy tourists in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. Ed thought up a perfect scheme to sell his paintings. Once he acquired the location of haunted houses in a town. He would stand in the middle of a street or road and sketch the home, adding a ghost in the window or hovering by the front door. Lorraine would knock on the door and say “my husband drew this picture of your special house”. They would sell these sketches for three to five dollars. That is how they became fascinated by paranormal activity.

Usually the people living in these homes, were more than happy to share their stories with the couple. They both caught the Paranormal Bug. Lorraine discovered her ability to interact with spirit entities inside these domains. The Warren’s found their calling. To be continued.