30 2016 Aug

An Occult Necklace is Fun to Wear Everywhere

occult necklaceWhen I recently was looking at different pieces of jewelry, I came across a piece that was just so beautiful that it drew me in and made me sure that I wanted to have something like it. I knew that the pendant on the necklace was occult and was meant to be a protective piece, but this didn’t matter to me since I really was drawn to the attractive design that the piece had.

I ended up taking some time to look at the different types of necklaces that were like this one, but I kept coming back to this one. I eventually ended up buying this specific necklace so that I would be able to wear it on a regular basis. I decided to work to make sure that I would be able to get the right kinds of items that I might be able to wear with this as well.

Now that I have this occult necklace, I have been enjoying wearing it on a regular basis. If anything, the protective nature of this pendant is just a plus for me. I am so glad that I have been able to wear this on many occasions. I often get complements on how nice this pendant looks when I wear it.

24 2016 Aug

Death as a Transition 2

What? This sounds unlikely. You prefer the stories from the Old or New Testament better. You actually believe in Heaven and Hell. That one sufferer takes the heat for all mankind. That your only participation (deals with the belief) letting Jesus take the blame for your actions and that will assure your salvation. Just doesn’t seem fair. Or do you believe Yahweh is concerned about your conduct and exacts revenge. Allah cannot wait until you die a martyr; he’ll put you up in a luxurious brothel for eternity. Come on people, you have to do better than that!

In my novel ‘PSYCHEDELIC PROPHET’ I explore these pressing issues and more in an attempt to have readers question the status quo.

My novel chronicles a clandestine agent of unknown origin, as he recruits a band of disparaged prospects and launches a new religion that spreads across the planet like a mutated virus. His temples of enlightenment are called ‘Spheres’ and soon dot five continents. His disciples turn him onto the Grateful Dead.

This discipline is based on interpreting vibrations emanating from the Creator. In these endeavors the Messenger is assisted by Jesus, Mohammed and Jerry Garcia. This modern day prophet practices Spin and Modulation a discipline that allows his Ka to negotiate the countless tributaries flowing among naked souls contemplating long lasting existence.

He travels through an inner space as deep as the outer universe is boundless. Using aligned vibrations, transporting ones consciousnesses across any distance is possible. The Messenger visits Sloan, in the astral plane, with her progress Sloan is able to ascend, the thread that has no end, secure the spiritual incarnation of Jerry Garcia.

If you enjoy these blogs please order a copy of my first Novel titled ‘Psychedelic Prophet’ Book One ‘The Messenger’ available on Kindle, Nook and at psychedelicprophet.com Thanks GS

22 2016 Aug

Death as a Transition

The way things are set up here, death is a big deal a major event in our concept of reality. All the aspects of this life hinges, like a plot, on this outcome. The significance of our demise drives our ambitions, supplies motivation for achieving goals embedded in a time scheme.

Been thinking about the structure of this realm. Studied many philosophies and religions to grasp what is evident-in order to absorb my role-what I must do to enable a transition to a higher vibration.
Once we cross the barrier, our (ka) or basic energy is guided by an over-soul (sort of a pre-illumination nurse-maid), who shows us the proverbial ropes of the lower realms.
When we exchange from a physical to spiritual being we review our choices; reached while existing in the material world. How did we treat other entities on our journey of enlightenment? Did we show both patience and perseverance in dealing with other humans whose relationship could not benefit us? Had we sacrificed comfort for action so others found comfort?

Depending on previous incarnations a recently unencumbered soul enters the spiritual realm as a vibration of possibilities. Those who are novice entities must review, then rectify faulty decisions, invalid conclusions reached during their last journey through the Earth Plane.
Part 2 Coming Soon

20 2016 Aug

Gary Galka Wizard of the After-Life

Almost twelve years ago the Galka family suffered a devastating loss. Melissa, the oldest daughter struck a tree, driving home from a party. She passed soon afterwards in a local hospital. When the grief stricken family returned home and pulled into the garage a familiar scent lingered in the frigid air. The Galka’s blamed the sweet aroma on fatigue and shock.

Over the next days and weeks, the family experienced multiple occurrences of paranormal activity in their home. Almost immediately after her death, Melissa’s presence could be felt entering the kitchen while the family gathered for a meal. The doorbell rang when no one stood outside. Lights turned off and on, the TV channels changed when no one held the remote. They felt kisses on their forehead. Sometimes a tap on their shoulders and a faint voice they recognized as Melissa’s.’

Convinced that his beloved departed daughter was trying to communicate with his family, he proceeded to create devices capable of bridging the gap between here and the hereafter. He learned what they were experiencing had a name. A.DC.’s, After Death Communications. Galka possessed a particular set of skills. Before starting his own company Gary worked at Weston Electronics Instruments. From there he went to Ana logics Corporation. There, he contributed to Medical Imaging and Ultra Sound advancements. His company called DAS Distributers, manufactured Temperature Strain Gauges, pressure Transducers Accelerometers, and other electro-magnetic sensors. He designed sound meters and laser for hospitals and Aerospace companies.

His first device, the Mel 8704 named for his daughter, the year she was born and the year of her tragic death. Next, he invented the SB Spirit Box. With this device, he captured Melissa’s voice. These precision instruments are now DAS distributer’s main focus. His company supplies thousand s of meters to both novice and professional Ghost Hunters.

Gary donates one third of his proceeds to various bereavement groups throughout the world. He appears on numerous Ghost Hunting shows on the Destination America and the Sci/Fi channel.

16 2016 Aug

I Like to Keep Up with New UFO Evidence

new ufo evidenceI have recently been spending a good amount of time continuing to research all of the information that I am able to find on UFOs. I like to make sure that I have all of the information that I can get about UFOs because I feel that this information helps me to be more informed. I find it very likely that there are aliens out there somewhere, so it is interesting if nothing else.

Of course, not everyone believes that UFOs are real, so I make sure that I am able to stay up on all of the latest evidence on either side of the discussion. I especially enjoy reading books that are filled with new UFO evidence since these are always interesting and worth wearing on a regular basis. It is exciting to see the different types of evidence out there.

I feel that eventually the evidence will add up to a point where it will become impossible to deny the existence of aliens on the whole. I hope to see this as new pieces of evidence fall into place. Perhaps sometime in my lifetime I will be able to see all of this evidence come together to actually prove something substantial.

12 2016 Aug

From Here to There Part Two

Nuclear generated energy is another option for propulsion. Researchers are working toward implementing both Nuclear Fission and Fusion methods of atomic energy. A process whereby pilots could direct the massive energy as thrust could mean hyper-drive type velocity for such a craft.
Fission is a method whereby an atom’s nuclei are split in a controlled chain reaction to harvest energy that can produce electricity. Our military uses this process in submarines and aircraft carriers.
In the fusion scenario, atoms are forced to collide in order to release energy. Similar to how stars generate heat. Fusion produces a great deal more energy than fission can. However, we’re still not capable of producing a reliable engine to propel us out of the solar system.
Undeterred, NASA has proposed generating an atomic reactor capable of focusing a beam of charged particles to push the ship through the vacuum of space. Once we have the ways and means to extract Helium-3 from the gas giants like Jupiter we’ll be on our way.
The designers of future starships owe a debt to the Deadalus Interstellar Craft conceived by the British Interplanetary Society in the 1970’s. In this model the nuclear reactor’s location in relation to the crew would buffer them from harmful radiation in the event of an accidental leak. This concept took cinematic form in Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Anti-Gravity Engines
For decades the Canadian Government’s ‘Project Magnet’ sought to understand the mechanics of gravitation. Numerous studies of Electro-Magnetic Forces confirm experiments by Tesla and Reich at the turn of last century.
Thomas Townsend Brown followed through on these concepts and in 1923 proposed a working theory called the Biefeld-Brown Effect. As a teenager he discovered a link between gravity and electricity. The rest of his life he devoted to assembling proto-types of anti-gravity propelled craft. He consulted with the Air Force and major government contractors. Much of his family’s wealth fueled his research.
Another participant in the race to conquer gravity, The Starburst Foundation focuses on Sub-Quantum Kinetics or the first Unified Field Theory to include both time and gravity into the equation. Paul LaViolette is the President and key player in expanding the theory that Tesla then Brown pursued.

26 2016 Jul

From Here To There

Let’s face it. Serious space exploration cannot be accomplished using rocket fuel. Too much mass is wasted carrying the liquid and stages. With the advent of the Space station, we don’t need the fuel to escape Earth’s gravity. Yes we’re perfecting what was once the stuff of science fiction. So now, our problem is what to use for thrust? To travel at galactic velocities requires a breakthrough in technology.
Another benefit of building space stations, derives from many nations on this blue planet will be forced to cooperate to achieve a unified goal. If we plan to explore outside our solar system we must work together. Do not make light of nations working as one to advance into space and moving forward on Earth.
I will examine ongoing theories concerning relativity. Our man with a plan Einstein really shook up beliefs about our evasive universe. His theories are both well respected and challenged by the scientific community. Which side are you on? Can we travel faster than light? Or, is that the barrier we must work around?
Which takes us back to the theories of how to circumvent the problem of deep space travel. Let’s start with. Solar Sails.
Imagine a huge yet thin net strung on the rear of a starship. The radiation from our star or many other stars would propel a craft out of our or other solar systems. The screen acts like a mirror, photons reflect off the surface. However, a fair percentage of light is transferred into momentum by exerting a small but constant pressure on the sail. This form of propulsion will add to the acceleration of the vehicle as the journey continues velocity increases to near light speed.
An electronic sail gets its thrust by using the solar wind’s ions to propel the craft. This is accomplished by deploying up to a hundred wires with a positive charge to complete a circuit using an electron gun mounted on the craft. The drawback in utilizing solar winds for thrust occurs once you enter a magnetosphere.
A Magnetic Sail uses the same particles of light as an Electric Sail. The difference is by conducting a charge or loop into a length of wire perpendicular to the solar wind produces a magnetic field which allows tensor resistance against the particles of a ship. Using this method would gain thrust at right angles to a star. This theory also allows for the sling-shot scenario where a star or planet provides both acceleration and deceleration by implementing the magnetic field of the star or planet.
To be continued

26 2016 Jul

Finding Ghosts with My Ghost Meter Pro

2 ghost meter proGoing ghost hunting on the weekends with friends is always a fun activity. We do the things people in the shows on TV do. We like to explore places that are potentially or rumored to be haunted, and we make sure to always bring our ghost detection equipment with us. In particular, I really like the model I always bring along with me.

The one I bring along is the Ghost Meter Pro, and I’ve found it works more accurately than the regular one. When I use it to detect ghosts, it always seems to work. It picks up on supernatural things in the area, even if they’re somewhat far away. So whenever I notice anything out of the ordinary, I use my Ghost Meter Pro to see if I can find what’s causing things.

All in all, we really make a big thing out of it. We’ve gotten a lot of pictures and video footage from our treks, and we’ve detected a lot of ghosts with our little gizmos. But I’m proud to say I’ve found the most ghosts. My Ghost Meter Pro really does work, and I’m glad I can get in contact with the supernatural this way.

25 2016 Jul

Michalak Incident Part Two

Overjoyed at the prospect of communication he shouted out greetings in English. Receiving no response, in that language he proceeded to shout phrases of welcome he knew in French, Russian and German.
Confused by the silence, Steven ventured closer to the object. He wanted to look inside. His eyes stung from the purple light. Standing there the color tightened his chest his ears hurt from an intense ringing. Even so, his curiosity drove him to peer into the strange craft.
A series of beams and flashing lights crisscrossed a slanted corridor leading further into the craft. He reported hearing a faint hum, as two panels rose and another panel closed the aperture. This was the first sign of moving parts Michalak observed.
He felt compelled to touch the surface, be in contact with the outer wall. When his gloved hand rested on the silver disk for a couple seconds the blistering heat melted the glove and his hand. Instinctively he took a step back as he felt the pain from his seared hand.
The craft now appeared to be an opaque mirror, reflecting the trees and rocks surrounding it. Suddenly the saucer tilted to the left and he felt intense heat expelled through a vent. It singed his chest, set his shirt and undershirt ablaze. He tore these off and through them to the ground.
When he glanced up in pain the craft swiftly shot upward colors rotating around the exterior, until it vanished into a clear blue sky. Before leaving the Falcon Lake
Michalak gathered rocks and tree branches to mark the spot where the craft landed. Steven experienced severe stomach cramps and vomited repeatedly on his trek back to the motel. Once home his son took him to Misericord hospital for multiple burns. He exhibited a severe headache, second degree burns of his chest and abdomen, loss of appetite and fatigue.
Steven never prospered by his story. Many sources ridiculed his claims. He never recovered the costs for extensive tests and treatments due to his encounter. He even lost money on a pamphlet he wrote to try and tell his story in his own words. We are left to decide if his words are to be believed.

20 2016 Jul

Michalak Incident

On May 20, 1967 a Winnipeg, Canada resident named Steven Michalak arrived at Falcon Lake. He planned to prospect for precious minerals. Steven prided himself as an Amateur Geologist. He traveled some eighty miles to explore a promising location.
Setting out from his home the day before he spent the night in a motel, to ensure an early start to his destination. By nine AM he located a promising area readied his tools and started digging in a quartz vein in the hopes of striking a silver deposit like others had in that area.
After laboring at this spot a couple hours he took a break to eat lunch. Once he resumed his efforts he noticed an unduly loud squawking coming from a flock of geese. Looking in their direction Michael gasped at what he saw.
Not sixty yards from where he knelt, two large crafts descended from the sky. He noted they had a saucer shape with a hump on top. They moved in unison. Once the saucer furthest from him hovered fifteen feet above the ground, the closest one settled on a flat area of rock.
All the while colors pulsed around these star ships. They changed from reds and greens to silver and orange hues. After a few minutes the far vehicle started to rise. At first in a slow arc. Then in an instant its size diminished so fast it seemed to disappear.
He did not hear any sound coming from either craft. Steven lost track of how long he remained in a kneeling position. After a while, Mr. Michalak became aware of colors flashing from what looked like windows. The vessel now seemed closer to where he now stood. It changed color becoming a solid silver color with a golden glow around the edges. Steven estimated its diameter at between thirty-five to forty feet, and approximately fifteen feet in height.
A Ball-Peen Hammer still gripped in his hand, he gradually began to regain his composure. He didn’t bring along a camera on this trip. However, he produced a pencil and sketched what he was seeing on the back of a topography map. When he had finished a rough draft he glanced up and noticed a harsh purplish beam emanating from an opening near the top. At this point curiosity got the better of him. He advanced toward the flying contraption. As he came nearer, he speculated maybe this was a secret military aircraft belonging to the United States. Getting closer Steven thought, he heard voices coming from the opening. Was he a witness to new UFO evidence?