20 2016 Jul

Michalak Incident

On May 20, 1967 a Winnipeg, Canada resident named Steven Michalak arrived at Falcon Lake. He planned to prospect for precious minerals. Steven prided himself as an Amateur Geologist. He traveled some eighty miles to explore a promising location.
Setting out from his home the day before he spent the night in a motel, to ensure an early start to his destination. By nine AM he located a promising area readied his tools and started digging in a quartz vein in the hopes of striking a silver deposit like others had in that area.
After laboring at this spot a couple hours he took a break to eat lunch. Once he resumed his efforts he noticed an unduly loud squawking coming from a flock of geese. Looking in their direction Michael gasped at what he saw.
Not sixty yards from where he knelt, two large crafts descended from the sky. He noted they had a saucer shape with a hump on top. They moved in unison. Once the saucer furthest from him hovered fifteen feet above the ground, the closest one settled on a flat area of rock.
All the while colors pulsed around these star ships. They changed from reds and greens to silver and orange hues. After a few minutes the far vehicle started to rise. At first in a slow arc. Then in an instant its size diminished so fast it seemed to disappear.
He did not hear any sound coming from either craft. Steven lost track of how long he remained in a kneeling position. After a while, Mr. Michalak became aware of colors flashing from what looked like windows. The vessel now seemed closer to where he now stood. It changed color becoming a solid silver color with a golden glow around the edges. Steven estimated its diameter at between thirty-five to forty feet, and approximately fifteen feet in height.
A Ball-Peen Hammer still gripped in his hand, he gradually began to regain his composure. He didn’t bring along a camera on this trip. However, he produced a pencil and sketched what he was seeing on the back of a topography map. When he had finished a rough draft he glanced up and noticed a harsh purplish beam emanating from an opening near the top. At this point curiosity got the better of him. He advanced toward the flying contraption. As he came nearer, he speculated maybe this was a secret military aircraft belonging to the United States. Getting closer Steven thought, he heard voices coming from the opening. Was he a witness to new UFO evidence?