13 2016 Dec

I’m Only Sleeping

Where do we go
When our eyes close
and we surrender?
Part of us
swirls down an abyss
Another carries on discreet
in a magical ether of calm

In movies, sleep is a place
where battles rage endless
There are challenges we encounter
on our journey
to the light of morning

Are our dreams
A form of semantics?
To be decoded and understood?
When we snooze does our consciousness
dwell in another dimension?
While our breathing may be steady
The thread of memory is erased
When the ego goes asunder
Where does it roost?
Is there a connection
between dreams and reality?
Does one influence the other?
Are our nighttime adventures benign?
Is DMT not present in twilight?
Electrical pulses or divine intervention?

22 2016 Nov

Dreams Our Unconscious Journeys

What do we all have in common? Besides, death and taxes. We dream! Most of the time I’m not aware that I’m dreaming. Yet, I’ve read and heard enough to convince me that I do dream during ‘R.E.M’ sleep. A technical definition states: a succession of images, ideas, emotion or sensations that occur while we sleep beyond our conscious or physical control.

Sometimes it is your point of view, in others you’re just a character in a particular dreamscape. The subject is daunting. Even with dozens of scientific breakthroughs the process is still not fully understood. It reminds me, of the gift of sight, the miracle of vision. Both processes can be labeled, dissected, each component identified. Yet, how the actual phenomenon occurs remains a mystery.

The errant images that tell a story. Those bio-chemical pulses firing within our brains during sleep. Are they simply a reshuffling of our daily experiences? A tutorial of what we expect to happen in the near future? Or do our minds in sleep connect to another dimension? A storehouse of DNA coded lessons?

As transient beings of flesh and light, our daily trials and errors take their toll on our psyche. We try but fail to reach our goals as individuals and as a race of cognitive beings. As I mentioned in other blogs, dreams allow us to break the grasp of both reality and gravity. We can soar above our lives and responsibilities. A reprieve that washes away unneeded debris.