12 2016 Aug

From Here to There Part Two

Nuclear generated energy is another option for propulsion. Researchers are working toward implementing both Nuclear Fission and Fusion methods of atomic energy. A process whereby pilots could direct the massive energy as thrust could mean hyper-drive type velocity for such a craft.
Fission is a method whereby an atom’s nuclei are split in a controlled chain reaction to harvest energy that can produce electricity. Our military uses this process in submarines and aircraft carriers.
In the fusion scenario, atoms are forced to collide in order to release energy. Similar to how stars generate heat. Fusion produces a great deal more energy than fission can. However, we’re still not capable of producing a reliable engine to propel us out of the solar system.
Undeterred, NASA has proposed generating an atomic reactor capable of focusing a beam of charged particles to push the ship through the vacuum of space. Once we have the ways and means to extract Helium-3 from the gas giants like Jupiter we’ll be on our way.
The designers of future starships owe a debt to the Deadalus Interstellar Craft conceived by the British Interplanetary Society in the 1970’s. In this model the nuclear reactor’s location in relation to the crew would buffer them from harmful radiation in the event of an accidental leak. This concept took cinematic form in Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Anti-Gravity Engines
For decades the Canadian Government’s ‘Project Magnet’ sought to understand the mechanics of gravitation. Numerous studies of Electro-Magnetic Forces confirm experiments by Tesla and Reich at the turn of last century.
Thomas Townsend Brown followed through on these concepts and in 1923 proposed a working theory called the Biefeld-Brown Effect. As a teenager he discovered a link between gravity and electricity. The rest of his life he devoted to assembling proto-types of anti-gravity propelled craft. He consulted with the Air Force and major government contractors. Much of his family’s wealth fueled his research.
Another participant in the race to conquer gravity, The Starburst Foundation focuses on Sub-Quantum Kinetics or the first Unified Field Theory to include both time and gravity into the equation. Paul LaViolette is the President and key player in expanding the theory that Tesla then Brown pursued.