26 2016 Oct

The Fascinating Ouija Board Part 3

In 1960, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the magic board from the Fuld Company. The next year Parker Bros. sold over two million units, outselling the popular Monopoly Game. With Race Riots, the Vietnam War and the Summer of Love, the Ouija Board gained notoriety.

Over the years, ever since the board was on the market various stories and claims surfaced. In the 1920’s detectives turned to the Ouija to solve the murder of a well-known gambler in New York city. In Chicago, the following year a woman claimed that spirits advised her to place her dead mom in the living room, before burying her in the back yard. In 1930 two Buffalo women murdered another woman, as a result of suggestions of messages received through the board. In 1958, a Connecticut court chose to not honor a will which instructed the sum of $152,000 to go to John Gale Forbes, who contacted her through the Ouija Board from the other side.
Some eclectic authors claimed they received poetry and prose which they published. One swore her book titled ‘Jap Herron’ came from the famous writer Samuel Clemens.

After the tumultuous sixties ended the Ouija fascination waned. That is until a chilling movie titled ‘The Exorcist’ hit theaters in 1973. That single-handedly altered the way people perceived the board. It transformed the Ouija Board from a non-threatening way to pass the time, to a doorway into the bowels of hell. In the film an eleven-year old girl named Reagan, became possessed by a demonic entity, after playing around with the board by herself.

Almost immediately the Catholic Church and many other Christian institutions labeled the Ouija Board a preferred tool of Satan.
End of Part 3

20 2016 Aug

Gary Galka Wizard of the After-Life

Almost twelve years ago the Galka family suffered a devastating loss. Melissa, the oldest daughter struck a tree, driving home from a party. She passed soon afterwards in a local hospital. When the grief stricken family returned home and pulled into the garage a familiar scent lingered in the frigid air. The Galka’s blamed the sweet aroma on fatigue and shock.

Over the next days and weeks, the family experienced multiple occurrences of paranormal activity in their home. Almost immediately after her death, Melissa’s presence could be felt entering the kitchen while the family gathered for a meal. The doorbell rang when no one stood outside. Lights turned off and on, the TV channels changed when no one held the remote. They felt kisses on their forehead. Sometimes a tap on their shoulders and a faint voice they recognized as Melissa’s.’

Convinced that his beloved departed daughter was trying to communicate with his family, he proceeded to create devices capable of bridging the gap between here and the hereafter. He learned what they were experiencing had a name. A.DC.’s, After Death Communications. Galka possessed a particular set of skills. Before starting his own company Gary worked at Weston Electronics Instruments. From there he went to Ana logics Corporation. There, he contributed to Medical Imaging and Ultra Sound advancements. His company called DAS Distributers, manufactured Temperature Strain Gauges, pressure Transducers Accelerometers, and other electro-magnetic sensors. He designed sound meters and laser for hospitals and Aerospace companies.

His first device, the Mel 8704 named for his daughter, the year she was born and the year of her tragic death. Next, he invented the SB Spirit Box. With this device, he captured Melissa’s voice. These precision instruments are now DAS distributer’s main focus. His company supplies thousand s of meters to both novice and professional Ghost Hunters.

Gary donates one third of his proceeds to various bereavement groups throughout the world. He appears on numerous Ghost Hunting shows on the Destination America and the Sci/Fi channel.

2 2016 Jun




The last episode I’ve had with the spirit world, happened in late 81 early 82. This was in a first floor apartment on Pine Street in Center City Philadelphia, a couple blocks from where the first incident happened. This episode might be just another one of those haunted house stories.

However, this entity did not impress me as a fun loving or a placid image, as did the first two incidents. No. This tiny bundle of existence swirled with evil intentions. This miniature representation of the soiled void, spawned twisted thoughts of hatred in its wake. It occupied a dark corner at the top of a short flight of steps which led to a kitchen over-looking our living room.

I am still not clear on what this entity’s problem is or was, but I can assure you it was as real as the tires on your car, as nasty as a hive of angry Wasps and as lethal as the desert sun.

While I sat watching the bounce of flames from our fireplace or focused on the TV situated under the kitchen railing. A burn would form at the edge of my vision. A leathery pull. My hair stiffened, goose bumps rolled across my neck. I could almost make out a form…mostly a head. One half closed hollow orb a misshapen eye, somewhat swollen…the other… what could I say to… it protruded at a rough angle sometimes seemed to be at different positions at the same time. Bigger than it’s crippled partner. I know…unlikely, would be a kindness. But there you go.

My wife at the time scoffed at the notion of an uninvited guest dwelling at the top of a short flight of steps. Yet whenever she climbed those stairs I noticed a pronounced lean away from that corner. Also our two kittens, Thomasina and Cassidy kept clear of that tiny space. I’ve witnessed mid-air adjustments to avoid landing in that quadrant. When they couldn’t avoid landing in that area a piercing yowl escaped their tiny mouths, as if they collided with a shard of glass. Using the ghost meter pro at that place would have reaped a tidy harvest of the undead.

I still remain puzzled and ill at ease discussing what I consider a small but potent demon that inhabited my domain those years ago. It seems there are a myriad of supernatural occurrences happening at various destinations daily. On this site I hope to highlight the literature and detection equipment available to those brave souls who seek the truth.