25 2017 May


Other than a shape of an object, the component that flashes a stark impression on my psyche is color. A basic staple of existence never defined or understood. I am not certain when my elemental sensitivity to a variety of frequencies arose. Maybe three years ago, as a response to reading, then watching ‘The Celestine Prophesies’.
Ever since that time; when I gaze at my surroundings, especially nature’s riot of shades-I experience a heightened sense of perception. Trees, bushes, the sky all take on a spectral aura.
Maybe it’s the result of experiments with mind altering substances as a young man. All I can say for sure; when I concentrate on the colors, I experience a rush of adrenaline-mixed with a mysterious bio-chemically charged-kinetic energy.
Greens shout at me – a vibration of hue, communication at a basic level.
Blues evoke a dream of calm water lapping against a pier.
Reds cause me to wince at the beauty.
When I’m driving past a tree or bush, glancing at the sky, a pull occurs, clarity about the moment-time and place combine and reverberates in my skull.
My eyes connect, relate, to my surroundings through a mystical process.
Yes, we know about the retina the optic nerve. Yes, there are rods and cones-sensitivity to light, the Macula, Cornea, Vitreous Fluid. And we still cannot explain the entire process of vision.
So when I speculate about color how it manifests in this reality we call life. It fills me with awe. We can imitate what light shows us, some are better than others at rendering what they see. But, as in Quantum Physics, we become a part of what we observe. Raising questions about the quality of our observations.
Photons stream from an object, not from our eyes. What is the medium that the light travels through? It does well in a vacuum, no interference or elements to bend this holy medium. Yet, there still must be something else.
Do you know about Wilhelm Reich? He died in the mid 50’s in Lewisburg State Penitentiary. Had more degree’s than I can count. This guy was friend’s with Freud, Jung, Tesla perhaps Einstein. He sought the (Life Force) the component that enabled Marconi’s radio to transmit its signal. He called this substance Orgone. Which he claimed to capture in a specialized organic cube. He was arrested for transporting an (organic collection box) across State Lines. This device was not toxic, it would not explode or spread disease. Yet, the Feds nailed this brilliant sage and threw him in prison where he died.
Not an uplifting story. My point, color has many properties which alters perception of our environment, outside ourselves, as well as in the recesses of our mind. These frequencies, fine tune our reaction to the world around us. If you are skeptical, fiddle with the colors on your TV or monitor. Watch a movie with the hue and tint at the opposite setting you usually use. This experiment will change your overall impression of a movie, television program or entertainer, when seen in a different light.
Color, the spillage of photons, a representation of light’s properties, a wave front with endless possibilities. Please do not take this miracle for granted. It permeates every atom of existence with the exception of the ultimate anti-light, known as darkness.