26 2016 Jul

From Here To There

Let’s face it. Serious space exploration cannot be accomplished using rocket fuel. Too much mass is wasted carrying the liquid and stages. With the advent of the Space station, we don’t need the fuel to escape Earth’s gravity. Yes we’re perfecting what was once the stuff of science fiction. So now, our problem is what to use for thrust? To travel at galactic velocities requires a breakthrough in technology.
Another benefit of building space stations, derives from many nations on this blue planet will be forced to cooperate to achieve a unified goal. If we plan to explore outside our solar system we must work together. Do not make light of nations working as one to advance into space and moving forward on Earth.
I will examine ongoing theories concerning relativity. Our man with a plan Einstein really shook up beliefs about our evasive universe. His theories are both well respected and challenged by the scientific community. Which side are you on? Can we travel faster than light? Or, is that the barrier we must work around?
Which takes us back to the theories of how to circumvent the problem of deep space travel. Let’s start with. Solar Sails.
Imagine a huge yet thin net strung on the rear of a starship. The radiation from our star or many other stars would propel a craft out of our or other solar systems. The screen acts like a mirror, photons reflect off the surface. However, a fair percentage of light is transferred into momentum by exerting a small but constant pressure on the sail. This form of propulsion will add to the acceleration of the vehicle as the journey continues velocity increases to near light speed.
An electronic sail gets its thrust by using the solar wind’s ions to propel the craft. This is accomplished by deploying up to a hundred wires with a positive charge to complete a circuit using an electron gun mounted on the craft. The drawback in utilizing solar winds for thrust occurs once you enter a magnetosphere.
A Magnetic Sail uses the same particles of light as an Electric Sail. The difference is by conducting a charge or loop into a length of wire perpendicular to the solar wind produces a magnetic field which allows tensor resistance against the particles of a ship. Using this method would gain thrust at right angles to a star. This theory also allows for the sling-shot scenario where a star or planet provides both acceleration and deceleration by implementing the magnetic field of the star or planet.
To be continued