We find ourselves attached to material possessions. Our homes, cars, eye glasses and jewelry become extensions of our bodies. They help define who we are. How we view ourselves. Yet, neither money or taste can satisfy the true seeker. People go to great lengths in their pursuits of meaningful possessions. Sometimes finding these trophies allude us.
I’ve observed on the course of my travels the importance placed on these material icons. A well made luxury sedan or powerful new Maserati. Quickens the heart-beat, inspires the imagination. A life-like home entertainment system, dilates the pupils along with a sharp intake of breath. These are popular stimulants to celebrate success. Mansions, helicopters even islands can be purchased to immortalize a person or movement. Money buys a ton of lasting security against hunger. But, money cannot grant the subscriber sanctions from spiritual degradation. It does not assure favor when dealing with the fates of this realm.
A fair number of folks find solace in possessing symbolic trinkets; worn around the neck, wrist or ankle. Of course with today’s trends, these adornments may be displayed on the body surface just about anywhere. So these charms radiate invisible waves of kinetic energy.
From a Celtic Cross, the fabled Pentagram right back to The Seal of Solomon. Those who practice Kabbalah fundamentals wear a Chakra Necklace. Men and women attained their dreams and found comfort in these talismans.

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