I just found out that my first speaking gig as a writer would be at a Synagogue in Elkins Park, Pa. called Beth Shalom. Great. I’m all fired up. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with the congregation. Now people, I never spoke in front of a crowd larger than a dozen seniors at a security seminar, yet I’m not nervous about the prospect. I feel like I was meant to be in front of people. Laying it on the line.
I am not familiar with that particular location. Never been there. The first customer in DeJaView Optical after I got the news, says to me.

“Oh what a magnificent building. One of the last creations of Frank Lloyd Wright, don’t you know.”
“That’s a famous architect,” I stated unnecessarily.
“You have never seen that place, for real?”
“Don’t think so,” I admitted.

After the initial discussion; dozens of people shared their impressions of the structure.
“It is a temple built for spiritual voyages someone told me.
“The lighting is incredible,” another insisted.

“The Lord dwells in that holy space,” a relative confided. Then I saw an article written about the building in the Enquire. What a coincidence. The congregation is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the temple’s completion.
The article included a picture of the interior, and I almost fell over. This would be the second time this year that I saw a building that matched the architecture of buildings created in my imagination. In March I saw for the first time, in this go round, a photograph of ‘The Mercer Museum. I swear that to my recollection; I have never heard of or looked upon that structure before. Yet in Book One of my three part series I described a place I called ‘The Patterson Retirement Enclave’ which in my story was on a road just above Doylestown Pa.
Also in ‘ Psychedelic Prophet’, a Messenger from God with the help of a contractor, transforms regular buildings into Spherical Temples. In book Two, ‘The Sphere’ I describe in detail, buildings similar to Beth Shalom, that bestows a sense of euphoria to those who enter; their sacred interiors.

Ever since I’ve started this project the incidents of thinking about a particular outcome and witnessing it go down that way, has increased by ten-fold. I am blessed to be given the opportunity of speaking in front of an esteemed congregation of free thinkers. I anticipate scanning eyes that emanate intelligence and humbleness in equal measure. It would be terrific if the audience participates in my discussions. Everyone will get a great deal out of the subjects included in ‘Psychedelic Prophet.’ From ghost’s, time travel, religious beliefs, miracles, astral projection, levitation, control over weather, magical financial instruments. And that’s just Book One!

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